2026 FIFA World Cup: Vancouver could re-enter, early 2022 with a view to host cities

“So it’s not that we give up, all of a sudden ‘we can come back, if we’re not here, that means one more for this country.’ This is not our way of seeing things at all. “

Smith spoke about the vital role host communities play in successful World Cups, while giving top priority to stadiums and training facilities where the sport will actually be played.

“In all the cities, what is really important for us is to look at what is the previous experience of hosting major events,” said the Englishman. “It’s the integration of agencies and the collaboration of different parties that contributes to the successful delivery of major events, and this is certainly very useful for cities like DC.

“We see the stadium this afternoon, and ultimately the World Cup is global when it comes to cities, but it’s happening on the pitch, in the stadiums. And this is absolutely fundamental for us. The World Cup is watched by millions of people around the world because it’s the best football in the world, played by the best players in the world, and what we need to do is provide them with the the best playing surfaces and the best facilities in the world. , whether it is the stadiums, whether it is the training sites. So that’s what we’re looking at, all together.

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