81.7% occupancy for Maui County hotels as of July 2021

For July 2021, Maui County hotels reported higher revenue per available room and average daily rates, but slightly lower occupancy than July 2019. Chart: HTA

Maui County’s hotel occupancy rate was 81.7% in July, with revenue per available room (RevPAR) of $ 505, up 41.1% from July 2019 before the pandemic, according to the July 2021 Hawai’i Hotel Performance Report released by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

The average daily rate (ADR) for hotels in Maui County was $ 618, up 43% from two years ago. The occupancy rate of 81.7% is slightly down by 1.1 percentage point compared to July 2019.

Maui’s luxury resort region Wailea had a RevPAR of $ 732 (+ 14.5% from 2019), with an ADR of $ 922 (+ 32.2% from 2019) and a rate of occupancy of 79.4% (-12.3 percentage points compared to 2019).

The Lahaina / Kaʻanapali / Kapalua region had a RevPAR of $ 447 (+ 48.5% vs. 2019), an ADR of $ 533 (+ 45.8% vs. 2019) and an occupancy rate of 83.8 % (+1.5 percentage point vs. 2019).

Compared to July 2019, when tourism in Hawaii was booming and the COVID-19 pandemic was months away from the visitor industry shutdown, Hawaii hotels statewide reported that for July 2021, revenue per available room and average daily rate were higher, but occupancy was lower.


Statewide RevPAR in July 2021 was $ 303 (+ 16.9% from 2019), with an ADR of $ 368 (+ 21% from 2019) and occupancy rate by 82.4% (-2.9 percentage points).


“July was a good month for the Hawaii hospitality industry statewide, with all categories of hotels, from luxury class to middle and economy class, seeing growth in revenues and rates from clients. rooms compared to July 2019, ”said John De Fries, President and CEO of HTA. “We are encouraged by the way the industry has recovered this summer, but we wonder if this level of performance will continue into the fall shoulder season, especially if the impacts of the Delta variant overwhelm the systems. Hawaii’s health and weaken consumer confidence and travel demand. “

The report’s findings used data compiled by STR, Inc., which is conducting the largest and most comprehensive survey of hotel properties in the Hawaiian Islands. For July, the survey included 141 properties representing 45,575 rooms, or 84.3% of all accommodation properties and 85.6% of operating accommodation properties with 20 or more bedrooms in the Hawaiian Islands, including those offering full service, limited service and condominium hotels. Vacation rental and timeshare properties were not included in this survey.

In July 2021, most passengers arriving from out of state and traveling between counties could bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day self-quarantine with a valid negative NAAT COVID-19 test result of a trusted test partner before their departure via the Safe Travel Program. Additionally, people fully vaccinated in the United States could bypass the quarantine order as of July 8.


Hawaii statewide hotel room revenue reached $ 500.2 million (+ 15.2% from 2019) in July. The demand for rooms was 1.4 million nights (-4.8% compared to 2019) and the supply of rooms was 1.7 million nights (-1.5% compared to 2019). Many properties have closed or reduced their operations as of April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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