Agape Flights CEO speaks out on kidnapping situation in Haiti

VENICE, Florida (WWSB) – Sixteen American missionaries and one Canadian were kidnapped by a Haitian gang on Saturday. This gang is now demanding $ 17 million for its release.

“It’s one of those things that you face in a third world country, much like Haiti, where you have to be careful and careful,” said Allen Speer, CEO of Agape Flights in Venice.

Speer says he’s praying hard for the 17 people who were kidnapped. His organization frequently flies to Haiti and other poor countries, delivering much-needed supplies such as food for those countries. He knows all too well the dangers lurking there.

“I’ve been stopped on the road before at night, especially by a small roadblock, it was makeshift,” Speer said. “Fortunately, I had someone in the vehicle who was armed and quite bossy, just to make sure I was safe.”

Speer says they are flying through a secure airport. It is when they leave this secure area that problems can arise.

“If we’re going to stay overnight and leave airport security, we still need to know who we’re with,” Speer said. “We have to organize both accommodation and transport and we know in particular, especially when we are in Haiti, exactly where we are going and with whom.

Agape Flights will deliver more supplies to Haiti on Thursday.

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