Annual Salem Fair fireworks shoot into the night sky

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) – Salem Fair fireworks have been a part of the event for decades. But there is a lot to do to make sure everything goes well.

“We work with a regional company, so we are engaging with them from the start to make sure we have all the proper paperwork in place with the fire marshal. That we have all the safety measures, we have all the safe boundaries so we don’t have any accidents and we make sure we keep people far enough apart so there’s no fallout,” said Wendy Delano, director of civic amenities.

The Salem Fire Department is also involved in the process to make sure everyone is safe. Salem Fair organizers are excited to return to some normality when it comes to July 4th celebrations.

“It was difficult during the years when we had COVID, where people were kind of stuck inside and people weren’t doing the fireworks then because they didn’t want people going out in groups. . You know what, now we celebrate. Let’s go out and enjoy it, celebrate each other’s company, celebrate the fourth, it’s what it’s meant to be.

It’s a special exhibit that Salem Fair organizers are happy to share with the region.

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