As hotel rates rise nationwide, Texarkana is unaffected by the trend

TEXARKANA – Hotel rates have been trending upward since midsummer in many parts of the country due, in part, to pent-up demand from the pandemic, travelers’ willingness to spend more and pressures inflationary.

But the rise does not appear to be as pronounced here, say several innkeepers in Texarkana,

Local hotels mostly seem to maintain their room rates, with variances reflecting local conditions, seasonal trends, and even their own unique circumstances.

An associate of the Country Inn & Suites at Raddison and the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center noted that inflation has affected some elements of their services, including their restaurant menu.

“Our suppliers have encountered a series of issues, caused by staff shortages, supply chain issues etc. at other brands,” she said. “Delivery times have in some cases double. But despite all this, it did not directly affect our room rates.

“Now our prices are up from the same time last year as occupancy and bookings have been greatly affected by COVID. (This is) not the case this year. Things are going well. , much better than at this time last year. “

She also highlighted the staffing issues that many companies are currently facing.

On the Texas side, Candlewood Suites in Texarkana, Texas, prices have remained stable in room rates for the most part, although there are exceptions.

“We have the same prices that we have had for a while,” said Javon Keaton, front desk associate. “However, we have seen an increase in our extended stays, from $ 72 to $ 75 per day for a 7 day stay. It just went into effect today (Tuesday). I don’t know why. But our Daily prices hold up. Other than that, any change you can see just reflects the seasonal situation more than anything else. “

At the Hilton Garden Inn, staff members have also noted seasonal fluctuations.

“We are currently living our off-season,” said Lakesha Brown, front desk agent. “The prices actually went down, not up. We had to lower our prices a bit to encourage visitors and travelers, as is usual for us at this time of year. Around the holiday season , Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will probably increase a bit as we get busier, but no inflationary pressure, not on our room rates. “

Some national sources, such as the online price monitor, MarketWatch, have tracked certain national trends in hotel room price inflation. However, MarketWatch experts say some of these things are misleading, as some of the price increases reflect floor rates at the height of COVID and then react when people have resumed travel.

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