Berkeley to require proof of vaccination at indoor restaurants, gyms and major events – CBS San Francisco

BERKELEY (CBS SF) – The city of Berkeley issued a new health ordinance on Wednesday requiring customers at certain businesses and large indoor events to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination from the end of the month.

The order (.pdf) issued by city health worker Dr Lisa Hernandez comes amid concerns about the rapidly spreading Delta variant.

“Vaccinations not only reduce each person’s risk of infection and disease, but they increase the safety of our entire community,” Hernandez said in a statement.

As of September 10, full proof of vaccination will be required to enter interior areas of restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment venues or any other place serving food or drink. Proof of vaccination is also required in gymnasiums and at large indoor events of 1,000 people or more.

Venues hosting large events that sold tickets before September 3 will allow customers to provide negative COVID-19 test results for entry, but only if the event takes place before October 15.

Berkeley joins San Francisco among Bay Area cities requiring customers to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, gyms and other indoor businesses. San José, which approved vaccination requirements for events at city-owned facilities, is also evaluating a similar proposal.

The city has also issued a weekly COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirement for employees of businesses covered by the proof of vaccination requirement as well as adult care facilities, adult day programs, dental offices, etc. pharmacies, home health workers and all day care centers, both public and private.

Employees covered by the requirement also include contractors, volunteers, and those who work at the above locations after hours, such as guards.

The employee vaccination or testing requirement goes into effect on October 15.

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