Best Internet Security Suites of 2022

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About the Best Internet Security Suites

Spam and phishing emails, Trojans and ransomware top the list of cyber threats. If you’re looking for robust and convenient protection, you should rely on a Windows security suite. The AV-TEST laboratory tested the quality of protection of these products for 6 months. The results brought some surprises. In most cases, the threat comes in the form of a malicious link or spam attachment, or is hidden as a download link in an email or on a website. One click, one download later, and you have a Trojan or similar malware on your system. If you are infected with ransomware, you will notice it immediately because the entire system and all available drives, as well as, for example, all accessible NAS devices, will be encrypted.

On the other hand, if it detects a crypto Trojan, the system will suddenly start mining Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without you realizing it. Those who want to track cyber threats should take a look at the AV ATLAS platform. It allows users to query threats or track malware statistics in real time. Every PC needs basic virus protection. Without them, you risk malicious programmers stealing your personal information, taking over your online accounts, or even encrypting your important files and holding them for ransom. But antivirus isn’t the only protection you have for your personal information and privacy.

A firewall prevents malicious attacks through the network and maintains control over programs that attempt to call home. Routing your Internet traffic through a VPN keeps your communications private and hides your IP address. Depending on your situation, you might need a spam filter or a parental control system. You can also simply gather a diverse assortment of utilities and hope they get along well. But you’ll save time, hassle, and money by choosing a security package that offers all the protections you want.

Here is the list of the best internet security suites

Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus offers nearly all the security features you need, many of which we typically test as standalone services. Unlimited password management? Control. Unlimited VPN? Control. Parental controls, cloud backup, world-class identity theft protection? Everything is there. Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus also offers excellent malware protection, its own firewall, dedicated webcam protection and can be installed on an unlimited number of devices.

So what’s the problem ? The excellent parental controls do not work on Mac. The cloud backup service doesn’t work either, and if you have more than one PC, you might run out of 500GB of backup storage after a year or two. And then there is the impact of prices. Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus costs $350 per year after the first year, far more than any other premium antivirus suite. But buying equivalent Norton features and services from other companies would cost at least $550 a year. If you really need all those extras and can afford them, Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus is a no-brainer.

Bitdefender Premium Security

What if you don’t need identity theft protection or cloud backup software, but still need unlimited VPN? Bitdefender Premium Security, which costs $150 per year for up to 10 devices, could be the answer. Premium Security combines Bitdefender’s very good malware detection and user-friendly interface with a wide range of additional features. These include some features that Norton doesn’t offer, such as ransomware rollbacks, an ultra-secure web browser for online banking, anti-theft software for laptops, and a file shredder.

Bitdefender Premium Security also has parental control features for all four major platforms, but the unlimited password manager and special webcam and microphone protection only work on Windows.

Kaspersky Total Security

If you can live without an unlimited VPN, Kaspersky Total Security, which covers 5 devices for $100 per year or 10 devices for $150 per year, may be your best bet. Kaspersky has by far the best results in fighting malware in third-party lab tests. Its password manager works on all four major platforms, and its parental controls (also cross-platform) are second only to Norton. Like Bitdefender, Kaspersky offers laptop anti-theft features, ransomware rollbacks, and a safe browser mode for online banking, with Kaspersky’s browser running on both Mac and Windows.

Kaspersky, like Norton, offers backup software, but does not provide online storage for these backups, but sends them to your own Dropbox account. The VPN service only offers 300MB per day, but their unlimited VPN service only costs $30 per year, a fraction of what many independent VPNs cost. If you need to protect five or fewer devices, you can get Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Unlimited VPN for $105 per year, which is less than the cost of Bitdefender Premium Security.

Better security from Trend Micro

There’s a lot to like about Trend Micro’s flagship security suite, Trend Micro Maximum Security, not the least of which is its neat and easy-to-use interface, backed by excellent antivirus protection. Trend Micro is highly rated by independent testing labs and also offers excellent multi-layered ransomware protection. The package also gives you top-notch URL filters for safe web browsing, and this system can be configured smartly. However, a minor weakness of Trend Micro’s offering is that there aren’t many low-level controls, like options for virus scanning, so demanding users might find this lacking.

Maximum Security offers tools for parental controls, social media protection, and PC maintenance, although the latter aren’t exactly the highlights of the program. It also offers data theft protection measures, a secure vault to store sensitive files, and a good built-in password manager. Users with less technical knowledge will appreciate the ease of use, which also applies to powerful mobile apps. There is also a 30-day trial version, so you can check all of that carefully before buying.

avast ultimate

Avast is best known for its excellent free security product, but the company also offers an impressive comprehensive security solution in Avast Ultimate. This is another bundle that includes a full VPN and gives you a lot more internet protection than a typical antivirus suite, making Avast Ultimate a good buy for those also considering a cheap VPN. Avast SecureLine VPN can’t compete with the best providers, but it offers solid and, above all, fast service. Avast Ultimate also has a good password manager, a secure browser, and excellent network protections.

This suite offers plenty of options for experts in terms of configuration and offers adequate protection backed by commendable ransomware protection for extra protection on that front. There are some minor annoyances, including some of Avast’s misguided attempts to bundle its other products into a paid suite, and we noticed a slight system slowdown during our test. But those minor issues aside, Avast Ultimate is a good option if you need a VPN and regular antivirus protection.

Webroot Internet Security Plus

Webroot stands out for its lightness and high performance. It has a small storage footprint and takes up almost no space on your system’s hard drive, as all of the product’s virus definitions are stored in the cloud. Despite this minimal impact on your computer, Webroot Internet Security Plus is feature-rich. It offers online banking and identity theft protection, ransomware protection, an accurate anti-phishing system, a smart firewall and a password manager (you get a LastPass subscription in the package , so this is good news in terms of quality). offered here).

The disadvantages? Well, you might get lightning-fast malware scans, but lately the Webroot engine hasn’t been evaluated by major independent testing labs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but from what we’ve seen ourselves and from available reviews, it paints a mixed picture of accuracy. Also note that the iOS app does not offer malware scanning: it consists of a secure browser, a backup function and a password manager. Still, Internet Security Plus is a complete package, and the 70-day money-back guarantee shows Webroot’s confidence in its suite.

McAfee Total Protection

If you’ve looked at the other options on this list and your eyes are wide-eyed, McAfee has a unique and sensible solution for you. McAfee Total Protection is the only internet security software it offers, and while there are different pricing options depending on how many devices you need to cover, the core software is the same. McAfee performed well in recent tests of its virus and malware protection capabilities, stopping more than 97% of attacks against it. These are good numbers, but they lag behind other options on the market.

The other issue is that some of the additional features offered by McAfee Total Protection are locked behind an auto-renewing paywall. So you’ll have to make a long-term commitment to McAfee if you want things like VPN access or identity theft protection. Considering none of the competitors have this restriction, McAfee is a tough sell. Not bad, but if you really don’t want to worry about choosing between different options, we’d say there are better deals out there.

Final Words: The Best Internet Security Suites

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