Bootcamp revolutionizes the frontline to improve veteran care

The VHA Innovator Network is made up of VA employees who design innovative solutions to improve the way VA provides care to Veterans. It is known as iNET and is located in 34 VA facilities. VA program staff work on issues that they and their veterans face firsthand.

He promotes a culture across VA that develops an innovative workforce to tackle challenges head-on to improve the way the VA provides care to veterans in their country. Creating opportunities for VA employees to tackle frontline challenges and turn ideas into reality is one of iNET’s greatest strengths.

The network identifies deeply engaged employees through a Spark-Seed-Spread, then trains them to think differently as they develop and implement innovative solutions that improve veteran healthcare.

Bootcamp launches the innovation journey

Each year, a new group of employees kicks off their innovation journey by participating in the Accelerator Bootcamp, which took place virtually this year in November.

During the three-day event, over 100 innovative employees had the chance to get to know each other, learn the fundamentals of iNET and see what the year ahead will look like.

Dr Clancy

Bootcamp attendees learned about the ideas they will be exposed to and the relationships they will create. This helps them to launch, refine and develop their specific project; it provides them with new tools to use throughout their careers – embracing the continued and everlasting spirit of true innovation.

Participants also had the privilege of hearing directly from Dr Carolyn Clancy, Assistant Under Secretary for Health of the Office of Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks, whose inspiring welcome was followed by a Office of Health Innovation and Learning Expert Panel. .

Attendees also heard from Aspen Labs, the company that has partnered with iNET to deliver the Innovation Acceleration Program for the next fiscal year.

Learn from the veteran’s perspective

At the event, attendees discussed the problems they are working to solve and how to learn more about the problem from the perspective of the veterans for whom they are designing solutions.

“There are so many ambitious people with great ideas working in VHA,” said one participant.

“There are a lot of great ideas put forward by people who want to improve service to veterans,” said another.

Additional comments showed how eager they are to continue to network and connect with each other, not only to continue to inspire each other, but also to pool their resources to make a big impact. as they build the future of veteran care.

INET’s mission is to lead the cultural revolution in which innovative thinking and action can lead to endless possibilities.

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