Caldor Fire Evacuees moved from Tahoe Hotel to make room for firefighters – NBC Bay Area

Some Caldor Fire evacuees staying at a hotel in the South Lake Tahoe area were told to leave on Wednesday to make room for firefighters and emergency personnel.

The Montbleau hotel generally caters to tourists, but recently it was dealing with forest fire evacuees who came with all of their belongings and pets. On Wednesday morning, evacuees said they knocked on the door and were told they had to leave their rooms.

“I understand that the first responders have to have a place to stay, and they’ve asked us to go,” said evacuee Darren Cobrae.

The evacuees had no choice but to pack up their belongings and head further east.

“The hotel will only have first responders and essential workers, so at the end of the day when all the firefighters come in so we can take care of them and that’s all that will be here,” he said. declared a hotel employee.

Hotel employees helped escort the elderly out of the hotel and into the unknown.

“We thought this would be a safe place to stay until an hour ago,” said Judy Corry of South Lake Tahoe.

Cobrae pulled out his limo and stacked it with his priceless possessions: photo albums of his children, his three dogs, and his wife’s parrots.

“I feel bad for a lot of people I know here who have no money, have nowhere to go,” said Cobrae. “I’m lucky to be able to leave.”

Derrick Rogers said his Christmas Valley home survived the fire. But now he’s stuck in evacuation limbo. He is not yet allowed to return home and there are not many places to spend the night.

“I’ve really hit my breaking point right now because I really don’t know what to do from here,” he said.

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