City of Brookneal plans to establish Cobblestone Hotels building

BROOKNEAL, Va. (WDBJ) – Brookneal City Council member Barbara LaPrade saw a problem develop years ago.

“We had a hotel uptown, but it wasn’t something one would invite relatives or friends to stay at. [in]said LaPrade, citing quality issues.

These thoughts led to a field filled with nothing but vegetation. The field, across from Jeffress Funeral Home, could become the site of a major project for the city.

“A 45-54 unit hotel would probably be appropriate for the area,” LaPrade said.

She says they are working to bring the national hotel chain Cobblestone Hotels to the city. A new building, with several dozen units, could serve a variety of crowds.

“Leisure end would be the most important type of visitor, however, due to solar companies moving into the area…there is a possibility that business end will come into play,” LaPrade said.

She says that in addition to relieving accommodation pressure, the hotel could help attract more business to the area.

“I think it can be an opening to other types of businesses, restaurants staying open later, more fast food, so the possibilities are endless,” LaPrade said.

She says they hope to open it in the coming years.

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