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Along with my colleagues on the Public Safety Committee, I asked the city administration to implement previous council directives and create a way to continue funding the civilian responders in the Oakland crisis – MACRO. In July, city council accepted and allocated $ 10 million in additional public funding, which I successfully requested on behalf of MACRO. This funding will allow Oakland to better launch MACRO as a well-funded civilian crisis responder program and enable the Oakland Police Department (OPD) to respond to violent priority calls.

After listening to lots of community feedback, our MACRO update request will include:

1) Include a community advisory board to serve as a board

Partnered with the Oakland Fire Department as the council expressed its intention to create in

Resolution number 88553 CMS and to be referred to the board if necessary with

Appropriate legislation;

2) Guarantee a competitive wage and salary structure for jobs, i.e. jobs for

Frontline responders and bring them in as soon as possible;

3) A plan to extend MACRO to a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week program;

4) Strategy (and staffing) to seek additional funds to continue / expand MACRO;

5) Revised expenditure plan

Agenda: link

Exit OPD special events

I, along with council member Fife, scheduled a report from the city administrator on the status of implementation of the July 2020 council directive, which I presented, to transfer special events allowing out of the Oakland Police Department as of October 12, 2021, Public Safety Committee Meeting. Several community members and organizers shared their strong support for the removal of the OPD’s special event authorization due to costly police fees. In addition, I have continuously asked the OPD to focus on responding to and investigating crimes and missing persons. As KQED reports, “Critics of the current policy are frustrated: in the years leading up to the pandemic, Oakland used up to 84% of its festival and fair funds to pay for security at the police department instead. to directly support artists and cultural institutions. . This police-run licensing system is prohibitive and unfair, critics say. They argue it is hurting opportunities for artists and small businesses, hampering Oakland arts and culture and related industry, and slowing the resumption of pandemic restrictions. “

City staff created a ‘one-stop-shop special event permit application’ project

and an investigation. They are soliciting community feedback on the new app can be found here: Staff intend to use the comments in fall 2021 in the final request.

Article: link

Instagram OPD Case

This report will provide information on the investigation and findings of the use of an Instagram account by current and former Oakland Police Department (OPD) officers. The Instagram account contained deeply offensive, sexist and racist content, but was ignored by management who reviewed it until investigative journalism brought the actions to the public attention. Read the articles on this important question: Link & Link

Article: link

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