Comfortable Rentals Corporation launches in San Diego and San Antonio

United States: Comfortable Rentals Corporation, a short-term rental platform helping military and federal employees find government-approved temporary housing, has been launched in San Diego and San Antonio.

Striving to offer federal travelers the same level of accommodation choices as civilian travelers, the properties listed on Comfortable represent a variety of floor plans, from hotel rooms to short-term rentals, offering more space for military families with multiple bedrooms, full kitchens and family amenities.

The platform offers more than 2,000 hotels and rental properties in San Diego, San Antonio and seven emerging markets officially launched later this year: Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Norfolk, Virginia; Northern Virginia; Oahu, Hawaii; Orlando; and Tampa, Florida.

at ease was founded in 2018 by Marine Major Anthony Gantt, an active 22-year-old sailor, husband and father of six after his third relocation in two years.

Gantt said, “Finding short-term accommodation while waiting for the base or military accommodation to become available is one of the many stressful tasks that military families must complete before moving. A one-bedroom hotel room, with a limited or no kitchenette, and a bathroom for five to 30 days was not an ideal experience for my family.

Half a Million U.S. Military Receive PCS Orders [permanent change of station] every year. Travel reimbursement is strictly regulated by the DOD [Department of Defense] therefore, military personnel and federal travelers must book government-compliant accommodation to receive reimbursement for accommodation.

The majority of compliant accommodations are hotel rooms with one or two beds and sometimes a sofa bed, which are far from ideal options for families. Online travel agencies such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and are not government approved providers and therefore are prohibited.

While Comfortable was founded with a mission to help military families relocate, the platform is available to all military and federal travelers.

The platform focuses on solving four main problems:

  1. Provide the same level of choice for federal employees as other business travelers: Complement government-compliant accommodations with a variety of federally-approved short-term rentals. Each property listed on at easy is hand selected and certified to ensure it meets federal guidelines, as well as the additional quality and safety standards required by at easy.

  2. Create Happier, Healthier Lifestyles: Living in a one-bedroom hotel room has an emotional and physical impact on a family. at easy offers properties with full kitchens and sometimes a grill in some locations, making it easy to prepare healthy meals. Multiple bedrooms, additional bathrooms, and overall more space translates into a happier family dynamic.

  3. Save Money: A full kitchen means families can save money by eating meals at home. The typical federal food allowance barely covers one meal for a family, per day, let alone three meals a day.

  4. Reimbursement Simplification: All at easy bookings will automatically generate an expense report that meets federal criteria for each transaction to ensure service members receive the maximum reimbursement for accommodation.

Due to the fact that military and government travel does not follow traditional tourism trends, there is no seasonality and travel often takes place on weekdays, so short-term rental owners and property managers may access reservations seven days a week, 365 days a year at ease. Comfortable guides property managers through the DOD approval process, which helps them meet and exceed compliant federal standards.

Over the past two years, Comfort has grown its inventory to over 2,000 properties in eight markets, won nine awards and raised $ 621,350. Meanwhile, Marine Major Gantt is transitioning from active military service to retirement in the summer of 2022.

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