Couple say they showed up at hotel for their honeymoon and it was closed – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE – A couple said they drove three hours on their honeymoon before finding out the hotel they had booked was closed.

Deric and La Shanda Whitworth had just married and were planning to celebrate at the Palette Resort in Myrtle Beach.

“There was a big dumpster in front of the hotel where they are dumping it,” said Deric Whitworth.

They said no one told them the hotel was closed for renovations.

“I was pissed off. I was actually crying,” La Shanda Whitworth said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

They told Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke that they found another place to stay, but lost over $ 500.

The couple disputed the charges with their credit card company, the hotel, and the website they used to book the resort – – but came to nothing.

“I told him to call Action 9,” said Deric Whitworth.

She did so and Stoogenke contacted on their behalf.

The company emailed him saying, “We sincerely apologize to the Whitworths for this inconvenience and have refunded them in full. We continue to reinforce with our hotel partners the importance of prioritizing communication of any changes in the condition of their properties to ensure that guests have the best travel experiences. “

Two days after the Whitworths contacted Action 9, their money was back in their account.

“On Thanksgiving morning, I was up at 7 in the morning, and I heard my phone ringing, and I checked it, and I looked, and I thought, ‘Oh, we got it back. our money, “” La Shanda told Whitworth. “Oh, I was happy. “

The Whitworths hope to invest the money in another trip to the beach.

You can find great deals and have a great experience using third party booking sites. Action 9 advises users to research the hotel to make sure it is open and all amenities are available. The third party site may not be aware of recent changes.

If you have any issues, start with the online seller, not the hotel. After all, this is who you were dealing with “directly”.

You can still dispute the debit with your credit card. The Whitworths said it’s not working for them, but your credit card company could be better.

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