EMPIRE AGAINST: Symphonic Sequel to John Williams’ Film Soundtrack Re-released on Black Vinyl

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Varèse Sarabande discs reissues the long exhausted LP The Empire Strikes Back – Symphonic suite from the soundtrack of the film by Oscar winner John williams. Out of print since 1980, the record is pressed onto 180 gram black vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket featuring the original Star Wars paintings and notes. Available now on VarèseSarabande.com with two exclusive limited versions: “Imperial Gray Marble ” (Newbury Comics), and a Canadian exclusive on “Orange City Cloud”Only available at Sunrise retail stores.

Order https://found.ee/jw-esb-symphonic

Originally released to complement and not compete with the 2 LP film soundtrack, this 1 LP release skillfully combines a “Symphonic Suite” created by John Williams for concerts with new arrangements of other elements of the film’s music. The Empire Strikes Back has become not only one of Williams’ most iconic sheet music, but one of the most iconic film scores of all time. The LP comes in a gatefold jacket with the iconic original Star wars paintings by William Stout, images by John Williams, and notes by author Ray Bradbury, composer and critic Christopher Palmer, and the maestro himself.

“The Suite, which I had specially written and adapted for a concert […] had been skillfully augmented with other music from the film to form a unified whole. A great orchestra and Gerhardt’s opulent sound and dramatic phrasing combine to make a beautiful addition to a rapidly growing list of excellent film music recordings.John williams

Over a career spanning five decades, John Williams has become one of America’s most accomplished and successful composers for film and the concert stage. Mr. Williams composed the music and was the music director of over a hundred films. He has also served as Music Director and Laureate Conductor of one of the nation’s most sought-after musical institutions, the Boston Pops Orchestra, and has thriving artistic relationships with many of the world’s major orchestras, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Mr. Williams has received a variety of prestigious awards, including the National Medal of Arts, Kennedy Center Honor, Olympic Order and numerous Oscars, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. He remains one of the most distinguished and contributing musical voices in our country.


In front of

  1. 20th Century Fox Marching Band (0:21)
  2. Main title / The Imperial Probe (5:25)
  3. Luke’s First Crash (2:29)
  4. Han Solo and the Princess (4:26)
  5. The asteroid field (4:12)
  6. The Formation of a Jedi Knight and “May the Force be with you” (1:56)
  7. The Battle in the Snow (3:06)

Side B

  1. The Imperial March (3:21)
  2. The magic tree (3:38)
  3. Yoda Theme (3:34)
  4. The rebels escape again (3:01)
  5. Lando’s Palace, The Duel (through the window) (5:01)
  6. Final (4:39)

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