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The newspaper rants didn’t work, so maybe an empty basket will.

I have seen complaints about using digital coupons for some time. . . and I thought about it even longer. The newspaper rants didn’t work, so maybe an empty basket will.

Here is a commentary from the Seattle Times (September 15, 2022 edition)

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“RANT to the Attorney General’s office for allowing grocery stores to require digital coupons for items on sale. This discriminates against buyers who do not own a smartphone or who do not have access to a computer. Some shoppers are disabled and cannot go separately to a library to use a computer for the purpose of picking up the digital coupon. »

This complaint has been made numerous times in the Seattle Times. As a long time Safeway customer, I find the digital coupon virtually useless even though we belong to the Safeway Savings Club. We have been members and get discounts on other products at Safeway, but if I don’t have my reading glasses in my pocket, I can’t get the discount on their digital coupon offers, so we completely lose the savings. So I shop elsewhere when I can.

I feel left out and get a little pissed off about it. Can’t wait for “WinCo” to open on Sixth Avenue (supposedly in December). It means driving a bit further, but if I can get the same food at lower prices, I will. Safeway should try to keep its members, not hunt them.

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What are your thoughts?

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