Engaging today’s youth and securing a future, by Dr Jack Welch


Sports specialization before the age of twelve leads to exhaustion and total abandonment of sport for many athletes. Specializing in just one sport increases the risk of overuse injuries. In addition, there is a decrease in overall athletic development.

There is an epidemic of childhood obesity and fewer hours of physical education in schools. Parents should encourage their children to play sports. Instead of limiting the opportunities for young people, I think we should increase the opportunities to enjoy and receive the benefits of participating in sports.

I remember a slogan from a local fishing TV show where Charly Peck said, “Off the streets and on the creeks. Let’s keep our young people active and engaged in meaningful activities offering lifelong lessons.

I’ve heard that a man has to endure back pain today instead of heartache later. Another word, hang out with your kids before it’s too late. Getting involved in activities from an early age is one of the best ways to help children become responsible adults.

Of course, we get tired. Working all day to provide food, shelter, clothing and an overall lifestyle for our family is a huge responsibility. Life is busy. This is why many forget to spend time with their children. The formulation years are the years when the family is young (parents and children).

It’s hard to come home from work, have dinner, and go back outside to play ball, throw a soccer ball, go fishing at a local pond, or any other list of activities. But what I would like to suggest is that no matter how hard it is to spend time with your children after a hard day’s work, it is harder for parents to see negative things happen to their children when they do. ‘they grow up.

Life is busy, especially for parents with children. As the days go by, our days fill up with to-do lists. Other priorities seem to take precedence over quality time spent with family. Quality time is necessary for a complete family environment.

Spending quality time with your kids doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take a few minutes each day to play with your children without any distractions. According to Jones (2017), children are less likely to have behavioral problems at home or at school. Children who spend more quality time with their families are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol use. Showing your children that you love and care for them helps them stay strong mentally and emotionally.

Here are some tips for spending quality time with your kids. Connect daily with your child. See your child before school and work. Drop them a note in their lunch bags. Tell your child that you love them every day. Read a little book before bed. Give appreciation. Eat dinner together as a family, if possible. Go to their training and matches. Play with your child every day, even if it only lasts a few minutes. Tell jokes and laugh with your children. Turn off your computer and iPhone for thirty minutes and talk with your child.

Parents who regularly spend time with their children also receive health benefits. It’s a win-win situation. A family is a team, and they need each other. Start today, it’s never too late.

Thought of the week:

“A finger cannot pick up a pebble.”

Reverend Dr Doyle Welch

Dr Jack Welch is a college football coach. He holds a doctorate in education and has been a football administrator and coach for 39 years. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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