Fantasy Suites Two-Part Special Date and Time


Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are ready for their Fantasy Suites dates, and fans of the series can’t wait to see what happens next. Here, find out when and where to watch or stream The Bachelorette 2022 two-part special.

Rachel Recchia (left) and Gabby Windey
© Twitter: @BacheloretteABCRachel Recchia (left) and Gabby Windey

The Hometown dates are a thing of the past and it’s time for the Fantasy Suite Dates in The Single 2022. Rachel Rechia and Gaby Windey are ready to enjoy their dates with their finalists in a luxury resort, before the grand finale (which will also be divided into two).

After hometown dates, Rachel chose Zach, Aven and Tino. Meanwhile, Gabby hasn’t sent anyone home, which means her finalists are Johnny, Erich and Jason. However, things will get emotional for everyone involved as the single(s) and their men have to make tough decisions.

This year, the Fantasy Suites dates took place at Mexico. In previews, we see how women have to face hard truths about how their men don’t feel ready to commit 100%. However, we know that they both find loveso fans want to know who will be the winner.

Fantasy Suites 2022: Is The Bachelorette Tomorrow Night?

Yes, The Single airs tomorrow night (Monday September 5) with the first part of the Fantasy Suites special at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. If you can’t watch it on cable, you have the option of streaming the episode live on fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial. You can also watch it on Hulu the next day.

However, the fun won’t stop on Monday as part two will air on Tuesday (September 6) evening (8 p.m.). This will mark the switch from Monday to Tuesday, as the two-part finale will air on September 13 and 20.

There was a lot of speculation about how the show would be split, if one night was to be dedicated to Rachel and the other to Gabby. However, from the previews, it’s safe to assume that the girls will to stay together.

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