Free overnight shelter for women and children | Kochi News

Kochi: The Department of Women and Child Development is setting up a free night shelter in the city for destitute women and children under 12 years old.
To be launched under the government’s Ente Koodu program, the shelter stands on the fourth floor of a building opposite the collector in Kakkanad.
“Many women who come to town to attend interviews, look for jobs or for other programs in town find it difficult to return home the same day. They wait overnight in train station waiting rooms at night and board vehicles in the morning to return home. Some women come to town with their children. The project aims to provide them with free and safe accommodation for the night,” a district official said.
However, the question remains how the women stranded in the city could reach Kakkanad at night.
“We are aware of that. Once the shelter begins to operate, we will take steps to resolve the issue. We tried to get space near the city’s train stations, but to no avail,” the manager said.
A person can take shelter from 6 p.m. and can stay until 7 a.m.
Officials said people could only spend one night in the shelter and had to leave in the morning.
There will be two staff members in the shelter for cleaning and guarding. The refuge, which can accommodate nearly 20 people, but food must be brought from outside.
Similar shelters set up in the towns of Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode have received a good response.
The shelter is expected to open shortly after securing a power connection for which the Municipality of Thrikkakara must assign it a building number.
The official said the authorities would conduct campaigns in the city to publicize the Kakkanad shelter, as women who find themselves stranded in the city do not need to seek accommodation at night.

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