Girlfriend identifies 2nd suspect who was shot, killed at Miami Springs hotel – NBC 6 South Florida

The second suspect linked to an armed robbery that led to the murder of a Miami-Dade detective has been identified.

His girlfriend has identified Jamie Robles as the man who was fatally shot by officers Tuesday in a hotel room in Miami Springs.

Robles, who goes by Rico, recently moved to South Florida and is originally from Puerto Rico. His girlfriend, who did not want to be identified, said they were staying at the Extended Stay hotel with their three children.

Robles recently met Jeremy Horton and lent him the car the night of the shooting involving an officer, but his girlfriend says that’s the extent of Robles’ involvement and said he shouldn’t have to be killed.

“He was a great person and he was nice, he would help anyone,” she said. “That’s what we did with Horton. We were helping him.”

Officers responded to the hotel Tuesday on a search warrant for Monday’s armed robbery that began in Dania Beach and ended in the fatal shooting of Horton and the Miami-Dade police detective. Cesar Echaverry in Miami.

“I didn’t even know anything about it,” Robles’ girlfriend said.

Robles also worked for a solar company, she said, adding that she had no knowledge of any illegal activity or the assault rifle found in their bedroom.

“The bad thing we did was help someone we didn’t know,” the girlfriend said.

During the shooting, a resident said bullets entered his bedroom and that he and a child he was babysitting were grateful to be alive.

The second suspect linked to an armed robbery that led to the murder of a Miami-Dade detective has been identified. NBC 6’s Heather Walker and Alyssa Hyman report

“They’re firing AR-15s right over my family’s heads. And they had no respect for our lives,” said Eduardo Kassem, who said he was staying just below the suspect’s bedroom. He said he found a shell casing in a vent running down from his upstairs neighbour’s bedroom, in which two bullets had passed through the wall.

The resident shared photos, saying a bullet traveled from the bathroom to a fridge in the next room.

The resident did not want to be identified but said he was babysitting his cousin’s daughter at the time.

“If that girl had been in the bathroom, she would have been shot,” Kassem said. “And if anyone had been in the bathroom, they would have been shot.”

NBC 6 has contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for comment and to confirm whether these shots were from police. Our questions were received but no answers on Wednesday.

The police do not comment on this second suspect.

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