Governor Cuomo announces Nassau County obtains state accreditation for emergency management

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the Nassau County Emergency Management Office has obtained accreditation through New York’s Local Emergency Management Accreditation Program. Nassau County is the 12th emergency management organization to achieve accreditation, joining counties of Albany, Broome, Erie, Livingston, Madison, Montgomery, Oneida, Saratoga, Washington and Wayne, as well as New York City .

“No matter how large a disaster, all emergencies begin with local response, and this accreditation program ensures our responders have the tools they need to protect the public. Governor Cuomo said. “Having a response strategy before a disaster strikes is half the battle for public safety. I congratulate Nassau County on its accomplishments and encourage others to follow suit so we can continue. to build on the success of this important program. “

Offered by Governor Cuomo during State of State 2017, the program is the first national state-level accreditation for local emergency management agencies. Developed in partnership with the New York State Emergency Management Association, the accreditation program highlights and promotes local emergency management agencies in New York State.

To be accredited, a locality must comply with a series of standards and good practices that promote a coordinated and integrated approach to emergency management. Localities should also involve stakeholders from the “whole community”, including government and private partners, and consider those who may require special attention during an emergency or disaster, such as the homeless, the elderly or the disabled.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services administers the program on behalf of the Local Emergency Management Accreditation Council, which serves as the governing body for the program. The accreditation is valid for five years, with the possibility of obtaining a new accreditation after the five-year period.

Patrick A. Murphy, Commissioner of the Homeland Security and Emergency Services Division, said: “How New York State responds to large-scale emergencies and disasters is being studied and replicated around the world, and this is largely due to the strong partnerships between the state and local governments. As we have seen with the state’s response to severe storms such as Sandy and Isaias, the stronger the partnership between state and local government, the more effective the response and recovery. I congratulate the Nassau County Emergency Management Office for achieving accreditation, and look forward to working with other counties as we continue to strengthen our emergency preparedness position across the country. State. “

The Nassau County Emergency Management Office is responsible for coordinating with local, state, federal and private sector partners to maintain a high level of preparedness, protect the citizens of Nassau County, mitigate loss of lives and property and facilitate rapid disaster recovery. The Nassau County OEM supports over 70 different special districts and jurisdictions, encompassing three cities and two Long Island cities. The office is actively working with Suffolk County, Westchester County and New York City to ensure a collaborative approach to emergency management at the local level.

The Nassau County OEM operates the County Emergency Operations Center, manages a Community Emergency Response Team, and maintains facilities to help support incident response and ensure government continuity. The Nassau County EOC is a hub for the County Department and first responders to work together in response to an incident, disaster, or in preparation for a large-scale planned event such as the Long Island Marathon, the 4th of July celebrations, the Big Jack O ‘Lantern Blaze at Old Bethpage Restoration Village, and other events.

New York State Emergency Management Association President and Cattaraugus County Emergency Management Director Chris Baker said: “COVID 19 has once again underscored the importance of having an effective emergency management program, and I am happy to see more counties achieve accreditation and proud of the strong partnership with DHSES on this program. ”

Nassau County Director Laura Curran said: “This accreditation reflects the tireless efforts and dedication of the vigilant men and women who work around the clock in the Nassau County Emergency Management Office. Throughout every disaster, OEM has been a vital and vital resource for our residents and businesses. I thank all of our dedicated stakeholders and staff who help guide our county through its darkest hours. “

Nassau County Commissioner Steven Morelli said: “The Nassau County Emergency Management Office is proud to have achieved this accreditation and we thank those who have worked so diligently on this task. Our office supports and works to build the resilience of the nearly 1.4 million people who live in Nassau County. Together, we work in partnership with the Nassau County Police, the Nassau County Fire Marshal and the Nassau County Department of Health to provide ongoing services to people in emergencies and disasters. County Operations Center as well as many additional activations for storms and planned events. We continue to work with our county administration as well as in collaboration with nearly 70 different jurisdictions to make Nassau County the safest place to raise a family.

Local emergency management offices interested in obtaining accreditation should compile and develop policies, plans and documents necessary to meet accreditation standards. The required documentation will be shared or uploaded to the NY Responds web portal and the documents will be reviewed prior to the on-site review. The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and the New York State Emergency Management Association will provide technical assistance during the preparation phase and, once all requested documentation is obtained, the Division of Emergency Management. Homeland Security and Emergency Services will select a team of at least two experienced assessors. to proceed with the examination.

The review will include a more in-depth review of all necessary plans and documents, and interviews with emergency managers, staff and others as necessary. It is the responsibility of the emergency management office to demonstrate, document and articulate how each of the associated standards and criteria are met. Local emergency management offices wishing to receive certification should complete the application form and submit it to the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services at [email protected].

Additional information about New York State’s local emergency management accreditation program – including program guidelines, eligibility, and standards – can be found here.

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