Grand Rapids Public Schools Seeks Community Feedback on New Facilities Plan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids Public Schools is considering new ways to use underutilized buildings, a project the public is invited to weigh in on.

From September 13 to October 12, the GRPS will host eleven public meetings, all open to the public. Community members are invited to share their thoughts on the new facilities plan and engage with district leaders.

The facilities master plan will allow the school system to optimize financial resources, says GRPS, since the space they currently have is more than their student body needs.

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The school stresses the importance of the facilities master plan, saying that if the number of school buildings is reduced, the school will be better able to channel taxpayer dollars into programs that benefit GRPS students.

“These are serious conversations that require input from the community as a whole. The decisions we make with this facilities master plan will enhance the education of our scholars today and in the future,” said GRPS Superintendent Dr. Leadriane Roby. “This plan needs all hands on deck and this public engagement plan reflects our desire to have as many voices as possible around the table.”

At each event, GRPS will provide childcare services for those in need, as well as refreshments for all attendees.

In addition, GRPS emphasizes that interpretation services will be available at all meetings. Two of the town hall dates will include a “dedicated Spanish session”, running concurrently with the English session.

For those unable to attend in person, GRPS also offers access via Zoom.

Additionally, GRPS is releasing a community survey for additional feedback on the facilities master plan.

Comments can also be submitted to [email protected]

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