Hawaii announces growth in hotel revenues

Hawaii reports substantial hotel revenue growth for August 2021. Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), Average Daily Rate (ADR), and last month’s occupancy were all up from 2020, and the RevPAR and ADR were higher than 2019 figures.

According to the Hawaii Hotel Performance Report published by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the statewide RevPAR in August 2021 was $ 261 (up 639.3% from 2020), with an ADR at $ 355 (up 124.2%) and an occupancy rate of 73.4% (up 51.2 percent). RevPAR increased by 6.9%, thanks to an increase in ADR (up 22.5%) which offset the lower occupancy rate (-10.7 percentage points) compared to to 2019 data.


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“The peak summer season ended with August revenues and consistently high room rates for the Hawaii hotel industry statewide compared to August 2019,” said John De Fries, president- Managing Director of HTA. “However, the increase in COVID-19 cases and subsequent hospitalizations caused by the Delta variant reminds us that we are still in a fluid situation as the slower seasonal fall period for travel approaches.”

While the numbers were good in August, Hawaii Governor David Ige urged travelers to visit the islands only for essential purposes as the state struggles to contain the Delta variant. Reports indicate that tourism in the state has slowed since the announcement.

While occupancy was on the decline, strong RevPAR growth and higher ADRs propelled all islands into positive territory during August. In Maui, the RevPAR was $ 439 (up 2,258.2% from 2020 and 43.6% from 2019), with an ADR at $ 596 (up 195.6% from to 2020, up 52% ​​compared to 2019) and an occupancy rate of 73.6% (up 64.4% points compared to 2020 but down 4.3 percentage points compared to 2019).

On the island of Hawaii, there was strong growth in RevPAR at $ 282 (up 732.2% from 2020, up 24.3% from 2019), with an ADR of $ 385 (plus 198.5% compared to 2020, up 37.3% compared to 2019) and an occupancy rate of 73.2% (up 47.0 percentage points compared to 2020 but also down 7.7 % compared to 2019).

Oahu hotels reported a RevPAR of $ 179 (up 305.7% from 2020, down 21.4% from 2019) in August, ADR at $ 245 (up from 55 , 3% compared to 2020, down 4.1% compared to 2019) and an occupancy rate of 73.0% (up 45 points compared to 2020, down 16% compared to 2019).

Kauai is the only island where the occupancy rate improved from 2019. Hotels achieved a RevPAR of $ 274 (up 886.6% from 2020, up 31.0% from compared to 2019), with an ADR of $ 357 (up 116.3% from 2020, up 25.8% from 2019). ) and an occupancy rate of 76.7% (up 59.9 percentage points from 2020, up 3 percentage points from 2019).

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