Historic St. James Hotel Grows Steadily in the First Year


From the West Alabama Newsroom –

It has been almost a year since the historic St. James Hotel reopened in downtown Selma. So how did it go ?

“It feels good. I can really say it’s been wonderful.

St. James Hotel General Manager Cymethia Rudolph says word has spread about the historic hotel – and occupancy rates are on the rise – and that it is climbing.

“During the week, they are mostly tourists. And during the weekend, we are full. We probably started at 30 to 40 percent. Now we’re at 70 to 80 percent occupancy, ”Rudolph said.

Clinton Burrell of Atlanta is the guest of St. James this weekend. He says he’s visiting Selma – to find out the story.

“Me, I just wanted to better understand my darkness. And being here, I feel like I can get rich in black history, ”Burrell said.

The historic hotel has a courtyard – a bar – and a full-service restaurant. In addition to a large patio and rooms by the river.

“Can I have a room with a view of the river?” He’s one of our number one sellers. And it’s a beautiful site, ”said Rudolph.

Ebonie Neely de Selma is responsible for housekeeping at the historic hotel. She said the St. James offered the opportunity for a better job and better pay.

“It’s a big help,” said Neely.

“It’s a big help financially. It takes a big burden off you. As a single mother of three, like that, that’s huge. I’m very grateful.

The St. James Hotel was built in 1837. It is one of the only pre-war riverside hotels in the South East.

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