Indian Embassy in Ukraine advised not to travel to border posts

NEW DELHI: India’s embassy in Ukraine issued a new warning on Saturday, advising Indians in the war-torn country not to travel to any border crossings without consulting Indian authorities first.

“All Indian citizens in Ukraine are requested not to travel to any border posts without first coordinating with the Indian government authorities at the border posts (hotline numbers established) and the Indian Embassy, Kiev emergency numbers,” the alert reads. In the early hours of Thursday, the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated after Russian forces launched a major assault on Ukraine, firing missiles at towns and military installations.

The Embassy of India further stated that the situation at various crossing points is delicate and the Embassy of India in Ukraine is working closely with embassies of other countries to ensure that citizens Indians are evacuated. The embassy is struggling to assist Indians who arrive at border checkpoints without notice, according to the notice.

“Staying in towns in western Ukraine with plenty of water, food, accommodation and basic utilities is safer and more advisable than going through border controls without fully understanding the situation” , said the adviser. He also asked Indian citizens in the east of the country to stay in their current residences until further instructions are given.

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