Jail for impersonator who earned $400,000 from fraudulent merchandise, loans and rented apartments to evade police

SINGAPORE – A man posed as a victim to earn around $400,000 in goods, services and loans through credit card applications, phone lines, car rentals and rental apartments.

Jayden Reign, 36, did this for at least three years and impersonated seven people, including a former colleague and his mother.

When police caught up to him in 2019 at a condo where he had fraudulently rented a unit, he sped into a car and ran over a man’s foot.

Officers eventually arrested him when he left his car to flee on foot.

Described by the prosecution as a “serial fraudster”, Reign – formerly known as Johnson Fok Jun Hong – pleaded guilty on Tuesday (April 12) to 38 counts for offenses including impersonation, counterfeiting and drug abuse.

Another 78 charges, mostly similar, were considered at sentencing.

He was jailed for five years and three months, fined $2,000 and banned from driving for three years.

According to court documents, he worked for a company called JC Century at the time of his offences. Online checks show that the company specializes in marketing.

Between 2017 and 2019, he posed as the victims to apply for 12 credit cards, loans, rentals and phone lines by obtaining photos from their NRICs, Deputy Prosecutor Yeow Xuan said.

To do this, he lied to his victims that he needed the copies of the NRIC for reasons such as processing payment for work or providing online services.

In one instance, he pulled his listing for an online rental apartment that had been booked by a client in 2019. Reign lied to the client by saying the room was faulty and he needed a photo of it. their NRIC to process a refund.

According to court documents, he falsified loan applications of up to $130,000 from several banks.

During the operation to arrest him in October 2019, Reign was stopped by a police officer as he walked towards a rear exit of a condominium in Punggol, where he had rented an apartment posing as a woman. victim to evade authorities.

Other officers and a security guard stood in front of the car to prevent it from driving off, but after talking to the officer, Reign ran ahead and drove off.

He collided sideways with an officer and rolled over the security guard’s foot, resulting in a bruised foot.

Reign abandoned the car on a shoulder along a highway and fled on foot. He was finally arrested after leading a violent struggle.

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