KFC opens its own pop-up hotel, complete with a button you can press for fried chicken on demand


L’escapade gourmande offers suites with an arcade machine and a cinema room.

August 9, 2021

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Fast food fans take their love for their favorite channels to the extreme, threatening never to return when favorite items are deleted, or hacking secret menus to get their hands on obscure deals.

But now KFC devotees will have the chance to tick one more experience off their bucket of fried chicken list. The company recently announced that it will provide accommodation through a pop-up chicken-themed hotel in London called House of Harland, named after KFC founder Col. Harland David Sanders.

Hosted at 9a Club Row, London E1 6JX, the hotel’s suites will feature KFC products featuring everything from bedding and wallpaper to towels, as well as an arcade machine and movie theater.

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Customers will also have access to a ‘Press for Chicken’ button, which will deliver KFC’s famous poultry dishes on demand, as well as a field driver and a ‘Chick-In’ clerk on arrival.

“KFC’s recent ad campaign celebrates the Colonel’s legions of die-hard fans across the country, so it’s no surprise that they are now giving fried chicken fans some much-needed escape,” the company said. in a press release. “You can expect to feel like fried chicken royalty from start to finish.”

News of the juicy new accommodations has been well received on social media, with many vying for the chance to secure a spot for a night.

“I would break my vegetarianism just to have someone take me to the KFC hotel,” one Twitter user joked, while another demanded that the pop-up be made “permanent.”

House of Harland will be available for 11 nights for 111 euros (around $ 154) a night, a nod (or rather, pecking) at the famous 11 herbs and spices used in KFC’s Fried Chicken recipe.

All proceeds will go to the KFC Foundation, which supports local organizations that empower young people to build positive futures.

The suite will be open from August 18 to 28 and those interested can go there to reserve, with a maximum of two people per suite.

KFC is owned by parent company Yum! Brands (YUM), which also operates Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Yum! Brand valuation was up more than 45.82% year-on-year as of early afternoon Monday.

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