Langham Huntington Hotel plans to tear down two tennis courts and create a new pool with amenities – Pasadena Now

A plan for the Langham Huntington Hotel to build a new pool with associated site improvements, including landscaping and the construction of restrooms, a dining pavilion and cabanas, will now be showcased at Pasadena Design Commission at a special meeting on Tuesday.

Meetings remain virtual and are accessible to the Pasadena community on Zoom.

The plan calls for the demolition of two outdoor tennis courts on the southwestern part of the hotel complex. Although the hotel itself is eligible for historic district designation, the tennis courts are not identified as contributing structures, the Department of Planning and Community Development said in a staff report submitted for the phase. preliminary consultation in August 2021.

Additionally, the historic district map from the 1986 nomination form submitted to the National Register of Historic Places identifies the area as a parking lot. As such, the demolition of the tennis courts would not have a significant adverse effect on the Huntington Hotel’s eligible historic district, according to the report.

The proposed resort pool facility would consist of an organically shaped in-ground pool surrounded by a paved pool deck, upon which the four small cabana structures, a food trailer, freestanding rinse showers, planting areas and a A 650 square foot “wet pavilion” will be constructed.

Pedestrian access would be on the west and north sides and the perimeter would be surrounded by a fence on the east side, a retaining wall and fence on the north side and a screen wall on the Western coast.

The “wet pavilion” structure, a one-story building as proposed, will include men’s and women’s washrooms, a change room, laundry room and a supply kiosk.

In the staff report, the Planning Department stated that it recommends approval for Conceptual Design Review, subject to recommended conditions of approval which will be reviewed when the project proceeds to final design review. design.

The Langham Huntington Hotel is located at 1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave. in Pasadena and commemorated its 100th anniversary in 2014.

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