Libyan government to start accepting online home loan applications next Sunday

Local Government Minister Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi said applications for housing loans will start online on Sunday, adding at a press conference that land will be distributed in all regions: 3,500 land in southern Libya, 3500 in the west. and the central regions and 1500 to the east in a first phase.

Al-Toumi said there will be 16,000 plots of land that will be ready within a month, in addition to the 8,625 already ready, thanks to the efforts of the construction company.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Affairs Adel Jumua said the Youth Ministry had specified plots of land to be distributed across Libya, saying not all loans had rates interest, adding that the Savings Bank would announce the requirements for the loans as soon as possible. this will be the executive direction of the Prime Minister’s Lending Initiative. He also said that the distribution of 100,000 unfinished apartments does not include apartments already allocated to owners.

Savings Bank CEO Emhemed Ghoula said the 150,000 dinar loans will be approved under conditions to be set by the government, adding that the first target group is families of martyrs, people with needs special and needy families.

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