Marketron unveils three connectors of the integration suite


HAILEY, Idaho—Marketron today announced the Salesforce, HubSpot and NetSuite connectors, the firsts in its new Marketron integration suite.

Connectors automate data sharing between Marketron traffic systems and three platforms. Connectors streamline data exchange between CRM and accounting platforms. They reduce data silos, eliminate duplication and standardization issues, improve data accuracy, and enable greater efficiency and agility in sales, traffic and billing operations, the company said.

The Salesforce connector allows Marketron customers to synchronize their Salesforce instance with Marketron data in near real time. They can use the connector to pull order details and order projection data into Salesforce. Users can leverage Salesforce as a proposal system and bring opportunities to the Marketron platform to simplify order creation, the company said.

The HubSpot connector allows advertisers and order summary data to be populated in HubSpot from Marketron, enabling near real-time account syncing and the ability to view projected sales history and activity. Marketron customers can leverage HubSpot as a proposition system and ingest offers into Marketron’s platform to streamline order creation, he said.

Using the NetSuite Connector, Marketron users can log into a NetSuite account and keep it up-to-date with Marketron’s transaction and AR data among customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices, and customer payments. clients. When users automate the flow of data into NetSuite General Ledger from Marketron’s platforms, manual processes are removed and billing is faster and easier, the company said.

“Our connectors with Salesforce, HubSpot and NetSuite allow Marketron customers to start sharing data with these platforms quickly and easily without involving development teams,” said Greg Aimone, vice president of professional services and presales. at Marketron.

“By using these pre-built integrations with major third-party platforms, customers can quickly begin to reap the benefits of increased automation, greater visibility into key business tools, and full access to data,” did he declare.

The Marketron integration suite leverages APIs, connectors, and custom integrations to facilitate secure and efficient data sharing functionality for customers using Marketron for traffic order management, the company said.

By giving Marketron customers the ability to consolidate disparate data sources, including linear, O&O, and third-party digital advertising systems into a single ecosystem, the Marketron Integration Suite helps users reduce bottlenecks , to achieve greater visibility and foster greater innovation, he said.

More information is available on the company website website.


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