Master Google’s suite of programs with this $ 30 course bundle

As more and more workspaces are remote, digital tools for organization and collaboration are all the more important. Even though some offices are returning to work in person after the pandemic, much of the world of work has achieved all that can be done online.

Since their launch, Google Workspace programs have been an integral part of the flow of many businesses and organizations. Hone your skills and learn new ways to implement these programs with Google Workspace Ultimate 2021 Certification Pack.

This set of 11 courses and 396 lessons shows you how to optimize your workflow with announcements, sheets, trends, app scripts, analytics and more. No matter your job or field, Google Workspace has important tools you can use to connect with your colleagues, streamline your marketing, analyze relevant data, and more.

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From the basics of Google Suite and advanced analytics to advertising and marketing with Google, the possibilities of Google Workspace are almost endless. While you may have used Google Docs and Gmail, this course set will delve deeper into the versatile Google programs you may not be familiar with. You’ll boost your resume, grow your business, and improve your job performance through a better understanding of these programs and their uses.

Taught by experts in these technologies, the courses in this bundle explain functions and best practices in clear, succinct terms. With an average of 4 out of 5 stars reviews, these courses provide information in an accessible and memorable way.

Work more efficiently with a solid knowledge of Google Workspace with this comprehensive package taught by experts. Explore the ins and outs of these programs with the Google Workspace Ultimate 2021 Certification Bundle. On sale for $ 29.99, this bundle gives you essential information and skills for less than $ 3 per course.

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