McKinley and Mooney Prepare for Election Showdown

CHARLESTON, W. Va. – US Representatives David McKinley and Alex Mooney are seeking re-election to the House of Representatives. Only one, however, will have the chance to run in the 2022 general election as the Republican Party candidate.

Representative David McKinley

The West Virginia legislature earlier this month approved a congressional map with two districts, which reflects a population change between the 2010 and 2020 censuses. Lawmakers have divided the state into northern and southern districts , placing McKinley, a native of Wheeling, against Mooney, a resident of Charles Town. Representative Carol Miller, RW.Va., who resides in Huntington, has already announced her candidacy for a third term in Congress.

McKinley, who has been in the House since 2011, said people need to be convinced that he is getting results as a lawmaker.

“We’re not just throwing bombs,” he said. “This is not rhetoric. We’re getting things done, and that’s where we’re going to go.

In an interview last week on MetroNews Talkline, McKinley spoke about a recent stop in Berkeley County in which two people approached him about problems and the need for help from Congress.

“We’re already going over them,” McKinley said. “I want them to know, just like the people of the 1st arrondissement, we are getting things done. We know how to make things happen that will help the people of West Virginia. “

McKinley went on to say that it is not worth waiting until after the next election to start fixing issues outside of his current constituency.

“Yes, you are not part of my district yet, but I want them to trust that people in other areas care about this state,” he said.

Mooney, who joined the House in 2015, touted his Conservative beliefs as a reason people should support him.

Representative Alex Mooney

“I’m proud of my conservative record,” he said in another episode of “MetroNews Talkline”.

“I think I stand out even among Republicans in my willingness to vote against spending so that we are not imbalanced and bankrupt this country. There are a lot of other issues, and that will be up to the voters to decide. “

The House of Representatives ethics committee is reviewing a report in Mooney for the use of campaign funds on personal expenses. One report notes that Mooney spent thousands of dollars on fast food and lodging at resorts in West Virginia.

Mooney said the expenses were made during the meeting with voters. He added that he was working with the ethics committee on issues relating to purchasing.

“Most of what they bring up is that I travel to West Virginia, to my district to meet with constituents,” he said. “These are legitimate things to do and legitimate expenses.”

The new South District will be the 1st Congressional District, while the North District will be known as the 2nd District.

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