Memorial Day 2022: The best and worst times to hit the road in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN — Despite the high prices many are seeing at the pumps — about $4.33 a gallon on average in Wisconsin as of Wednesday — many will hit the road and drive out of their homes for Memorial Day weekend 2022.

With travel on U.S. roads expected to reach 93% of pre-pandemic levels, according to the AAA Memorial Day Travel Forecast, we are resurrecting the iconic Memorial Day road trip.

About 35 million people are expected to hit the road, which means you’ll be competing with millions of cars and trucks for freeway space over the long weekend, according to AAA. The holiday long weekend begins Thursday and ends Monday, the official Memorial Day. The weekend will also bring many Americans an extra day off.

In total, around 39.2 million people will be taking a trip over the holiday weekend, so it’s important to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Everyone can have their preferred travel schedule, but in general the worst and best times to go out of town are:


  • The worst times: 1 p.m.-4 p.m.
  • Best times: before 11 a.m.

Although travel is picking up, Americans’ wanderlust has been dampened to some degree by the highest inflation in four decades – especially for gas, food, accommodation and plane tickets. . While travel is expected to grow 8.3% from 2021, that’s only 93% of travel volume in 2019, AAA said.

Also this Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA:

  • The overwhelming majority of Americans – 35 million people – will travel on the country’s highways, as is traditionally the case.
  • Memorial Day air travel will be the highest since 2011, with around 3 million people – or about 7.7% of vacationers – expected to board planes. That’s a 25% increase from 2021, when many of the COVID-19 restrictions since lifted were in place.
  • The number of people planning to travel by bus or train, or take a cruise, is expected to triple this year to 1.3 million people.

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