MHS YA Program Celebrates Star Students

The Merrill High School (MHS) Youth Apprenticeship Program celebrated its student stars at a banquet on May 5, 2022. The awards recognized students for excellence in developing career-readiness skills. career in their workplace. Of the 94 students at YA this school year, 12 students received Student Stars Awards. Students receiving awards, along with their YA workplace, included:
• Isabella Hoff – Incredible Bank
• Madison Malm – BMO Harris Bank
• Danielle Kottke – Merrill Community Bank
• Zach Klimek – Brickner’s Park City
• Bryce Brown – Geiss Meat Service
• Gaven Reindl – Agra Industries
• Allie Maschke – Weinbrenner shoe company
• Alissa Kracht – Arby’s
• Angela Hinner – Walmart
• Omarion Banks – McDonald’s
• Bailey Turenne – Construction Turenne
• Tyler Wieloch – Mitchell Metal Products

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a rigorous one- or two-year statewide elective program for high school juniors and seniors that combines academic and technical instruction with mentored, paid, and on the job that makes a real connection for students. Youth apprentices work a minimum of 450 hours at their YA workplace each year of their program and take related high school or college courses to enhance their workplace experiences. They earn credit for each semester they successfully attend YA, and upon completion of their apprenticeship, they receive a Certificate of Professional Competency from the State of Wisconsin, an achievement recognized by both employers and colleges.

Back row, left to right: Gaven Reindl, Madison Malm, Tyler Wieloch, Omarion Banks, Bailey Turenne, Zach Klimek and Bryce Brown. Front row, left to right: Isabella Hoff, Angela Hinner, Danyelle Kottke, Allie Maschke and Alissa Kracht. Photo submitted.

The 11 program areas available under the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program are: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; architecture and building; art, audiovisual technology and communications; finance; Health Sciences; hotels, accommodation and tourism; computer science; manufacturing; marketing; science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and transportation, distribution and logistics.

Employers hire apprentices for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to recruit potential employees and shape the quality of their workforce, to develop partnerships with Merrill High School, to retain employees, and to create positive public relations. by helping young people find jobs and get an education.
Students become apprentices because they earn a salary while learning from qualified professionals.

They become more organized and efficient with their time, increase their career awareness and enhance their future employability, and develop the skills needed for entry-level employment and, in some program areas, begin working toward recorded learning .

For more information about participating in the YA program, as a business or student, contact MHS Youth Learning Coordinator Linda Murray at 715.536.4594 ext. 18039.

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