Mid-Coast Family Services hotel room check-ins increased

County hotel check-ins

VICTORIA, Texas – On Thursday evening February 3, Mid Coast Family Services CEO Ginny Stafford said the shelter paid for 54 hotel rooms at an estimated cost of $3,240. Families without shelter or without heating are always offered hotels. The agency always helped those who came from another agency, depending on the situation. Below is a breakdown of the numbers by county.

County hotel check-ins

  • Victoria, 25 hotel rooms for 51 people
  • Calhoun County, 22 hotel rooms for 30 people
  • County of Jackson, 3 hotel rooms for 8 people
  • Refugio county, 2 hotel rooms for 4 people
  • Goliad County, 1 hotel room for 1 person
  • Dewitt County, 1 hotel room for 1 person

This is the third time since the first of the year that Mid-Coast Family Services has used hotel stays, which has an impact on the budget.

Heated shelters have more space

So far, this service agency is not planning to put more people in hotel rooms in Victoria, but to send them to other hot shelters as rooms fill up quickly. In addition, there is more space in a warming installation.

Surrounding counties still getting help

However, the agency is still placing people in surrounding counties in hotels because they have no other options.

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