MLB All-Star Game: Police say they found a dozen guns at a Denver hotel near the MLB All-Star Game site


The person who rented the room was due to leave on Friday but asked “to stay several more days and also requested another room with a balcony that overlooked the alley,” a document said.

Police found around 12 guns and ecstasy pills, heroin and methamphetamine, according to the police statement.

A bulletproof vest and seat belt were found in a vehicle associated with the exhibit, according to the probable cause statement.

“It should be noted that this information was for officers due to the location of the rifle, ballistic vest, duty belt, and the request for a room with a balcony, as well as the events of the match. Major League baseball stars 2021 the immediate area of ​​the hotel, “police said in a probable cause statement.” There is a propensity for mass casualty incidents in scenarios such as the one above where many people are gathered in a small area for a single event. ”

The FBI office in Denver said it did not believe the incident was terrorism-related.

“We are not aware of any threats to the All-Star Game events, sites, players or community at this time,” officials said.

Details of arrests

The individuals have been identified as Richard Platt, 42; Gabriel Rodriguez, 48 years old; Ricardo Rodriguez, 44 years old; and Kanoelehua Serikawa, 43.

Platt was charged with possession of a weapon by a former offender, two counts of possession of a controlled substance. Platt also had a warrant from another jurisdiction, Denver Police said in a press release.

Gabriel Rodriguez has been charged with possession of a weapon by a former offender and possession of a controlled substance with the intention of distributing it.

Serikawa has been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute it. Serikawa also had a warrant from another jurisdiction, police said.

Ricardo Rodriguez has been charged with possession of a weapon by a former offender. He told CNN affiliate KCNC that he had never heard of any All-Star Game filming plans and that he “would have stepped in, absolutely” if he had heard anything like it.

“There is no way I would allow someone I know to actively shoot a crowd with women, children and families, there is no way, there is no way. Never,” a Ricardo Rodriguez said in an interview in prison.

FBI officials in Denver also said they had no reason to believe the incident was related to a threat to the All-Star Game.

Ricardo Rodriguez said he met the other suspects the day before the arrests and that they had several firearms, including a sniper rifle and several assault rifles, as well as drugs.

He said he believed the guns were meant to be sold or traded.

Three of the suspects appear in court

Three of the four suspects appeared in court on Monday for their first counsel hearing.

Judge Tanja Wheeler ordered Ricardo Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez and Serikawa to stay at least 1 mile from the Maven Hotel and that all three carry GPS trackers.

The fourth suspect, Platt, appeared in court on Sunday.

Ricardo Rodriguez “appears to be the driving force behind this whole incident and we believe he poses a serious danger to the community,” Denver Assistant District Attorney Michelle Williams said.

Rodriguez told the judge he “worked for the government in private for over 16 years.”

“This includes the counterterrorism division of the Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of the Treasury for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms as well as the US Department of Justice for the same entity,” he said. .

The judge set the bond for Ricardo Rodriguez at $ 75,000 and Gabriel Rodriguez and Serikawa at $ 50,000.

“The current tribunal has very serious concerns for the safety of the community given the combination of a large amount of firearms and ammunition that are said to have been recovered from the scene, as well as a significant amount of controlled substances.” , said Wheeler.

“The presence of a high number of weapons and ammunition in a very populated part of the city in particular”, specified the judge.

The three defendants are scheduled to appear in court again on July 19 at 9:30 a.m. MT. The judge said Serikawa’s lawyer would be allowed to challenge the bail amount again at the second formal notice hearing.

CNN has contacted attorneys representing Gabriel Rodriguez, Ricardo Rodriguez and Serikawa, but has not received a response.

The All-Star Game will go as planned

“We cannot yet say for sure what the situation is,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said on Sunday, adding that he did not want people to speculate. “If we take anything away from this incident in our city, it’s if you see something, say something.”

There has been no call to the White House and no game has been postponed, Hancock said at a press conference on Sunday.

“They are playing ball, the activities are progressing,” he said.

Sage Hospitality, the operator of the Maven Hotel, issued a statement saying it was “incredibly proud that our team promptly alerted authorities in this case.”

“We are grateful to DPD for their swift action to resolve this situation safely and will continue to work closely with them to support their investigation,” the statement said.

CNN has contacted Major League Baseball, but has not received a response. The All-Star Game Home Run Derby took place on Monday evening.

CNN’s Leslie Perrot reported from Denver and Carma Hassan, Amir Vera and Gregory Lemos reported and wrote from Atlanta. Adrienne Broaddus contributed to this report.


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