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Media credit: Colin Bohula | Personal photographer

Fans can look forward to a new behind-the-plate suite with memorabilia from the 2019 Nationals playoff run, including game-used jerseys, framed photos and the World Series trophy.

Baseball fans visiting Nationals Park this season can enjoy new dining options, mobile ordering, and a deeper connection to DC history and culture as part of a slew of amenities added to the park this season. spring.

The home of the Washington Nationals introduced a BetMGM sports betting bar, new dining options and a special suite with plenty of fan seating to honor the 2019 World Series championship team. Ryan Bringger, Vice President of National Championship ticket sales and service, said the upgrades improve the overall stadium experience for fans as a new baseball season kicks off.

The park’s newest fan suite – the FIS Champions Club – is located behind home plate and stretches from first to third base with memorabilia from the 2019 Nationals playoff run, like jerseys, bases and game cards. roster, framed photos and the World Series Trophy.

The souvenirs are set up along a wall-to-wall window for visitors to peruse. The suite area on the first and third base lines provides a bird’s eye view of the play below. The club, which was built this offseason, accepts reservations for special events and offers seating.

The park has also added a new range of DMV-based chains, including Rockland’s BBQ, Hard Times Cafe, Grazie Grazie, South Mountain Creamery and GW favorites Duke’s Grocery and Roaming Rooster. The new vendors will offer a mix of American and Italian cuisines and provide attendees with everything from barbecue to soft serve ice cream.

Jonathan Stahl, vice president of experience and hospitality for the Nationals, said working with local food vendors is part of an ongoing effort to connect the Nationals to the DC community.

The park unveiled a BetMGM sportsbook and bar just outside the park in January, where fans can bet as much as they want on any sport. The location is the park’s premier sports betting bar with a collection of betting kiosks and TVs showing live sports games like basketball and baseball and odds for each.

“We’re excited to now add this to Washington City,” said Chris Gumiela, BetMGM’s Vice President of Marketing. “When you come here before the game as a fan or even when the Nats are away, you are going to be able to take advantage of a multitude of opportunities to engage in sports betting on the Nats or any other sport you might like. practice. with.”

The Nationals also debuted new merchandise for the season, including cherry blossom-themed City Connect jerseys – a fashionable nod to DC’s signature cherry blossom season. City Connect, a collaboration between Major League Baseball and Nike, attempts to capture the connection between each of the 14 participating teams and their respective city through bespoke uniform designs.

The Nationals may have traded baseball’s fastest player Trea Turner last season, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t introducing new speedy services for stadium patrons to use. Fans will simply walk through security without placing their phones, keys and other items in a bowl with the park’s latest security upgrade called OPENGATE. If the scanners flag an item, fans will have to walk through the stiles again.

Park visitors can now order concessions through the MLB Ballpark app — a benefit Bringger says will continue from last year, its first in effect. Bringger said fans can now use the app to pay to move to open seats closer to the action on the pitch during the game.

Although the Nationals aren’t offering student discounts this season, Stahl, vice president of experience and hospitality for the Nationals, said students can attend George Washington University Day from park on September 18, purchasing a special ticket to receive a hat adorned with the GW and Nationals Logos at the end of the game.

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