NBC gives viewers an overview of election facilities

NBC News has ordered a drone to fly over several studios and control rooms that will be used during its multi-network, multi-platform 2022 election on Tuesday. November 8, 2022.

The drone begins in Studio 1A, home to “Today” and “NBC Nightly News,” entering the space through the semi-hidden passage that runs behind the space’s main video wall and exits near the sculpture of the space. “Today” sunrise icon.

NBC will air coverage on its broadcast network, MSNBC and NBC News Now, its streaming news network. Its apps and digital properties will also cover the event, as will Telemundo and CNBC.

It deftly makes its way through space with moves that would make a jib laugh and show that NBC is once again using the video wall as its main backdrop.


Although NBC doesn’t appear to use windows as their main background, the network doesn’t seem to go so far as to completely cover windows behind the production area like they did in 2020, apparently due to security concerns.

At this time, the flat video wall now installed to the left of the sculpture was also angled to primarily protect the main window anchor area in the corner of the space.

The floor has been updated with red, white and blue colors and various shapes of the Decision 2022 logo, including one in the “Today” base area in the corner of the space.

The craft then flies through the series of basement control rooms and other facilities below Studio 1A before zooming through a metal detector and flying into 30 Rockefeller Center on the other side of the street via an underground access point. Much of this is a public lobby that leads to a complex of shops and other businesses, but there are occasional visuals of NBC’s 2022 decision on the walls.

The drone passes through the security checkpoint and takes an elevator to the 7th floor, though any discomfort between the drone and the man in the elevator next to it appears to be cut short.

Here there is a view of another control room before the drone entered the upper part of Studio 6A, the former home of “Megyn Kelly Today” which was used as election space on NBC and MSNBC these last years.

There’s then a less graceful jump cut as the drone is transported to the third floor and into the west side of Studio 3A, the former home of “NBC Nightly News” (although the show used the space instead of 1A due to repeats and updates taking place there to turn it into an election look.

In this space, the drone performs several tricky maneuvers, including circling the ceiling-mounted peacock sculpture in the ceiling, providing a chance to view it from almost 360 degrees.

It then flies under a jib and down the hall to the other part of the 3A, used by MSNBC, although there is a short edit here.

Here, the studio’s multiple video panels are adorned with Decision 2022 graphics and a new curved anchor desk with a polygonal facade with red and blue segments along with stars and LED panels can be seen.

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