Nolensville Little League Wins 2022 Jack Losch Little League Baseball® Team Sportsmanship Award

Nolensville, Tenn. Little League, the 2022 Southeast Region champion, has been named the recipient of the 2022 Jack Losch Little League Baseball® World Series Team Sportsmanship Award based on their sportsmanship on and off the field.

“The foundation of the Little League program is built around respect, sportsmanship and the life lessons learned through baseball and softball, and members of the Nolensville Little League program have exemplified these values ​​throughout World Series this summer.” said Stephen D. Keener, President and CEO of Little League. “It is my pleasure to present the Team Sportsmanship Award to the Little League Jack Losch 2022 at Nolensville Little League and I thank the players and coaches for exemplifying the spirit of Jack Losch at this year’s event.”

Voted on by the 20 participating teams, as well as team hosts, volunteers, members of the media and Little League staff, the Baseball World Series Team Sportsmanship Award Little League Baseball Jack Losch recognizes the team for exemplifying an enormous amount of sportsmanship both on and off the field, including the team’s time spent in the dorms, dining hall and hall. interview as well as their performance on the pitch.

Throughout the tournament, Nolensville Little League went above and beyond to show respect to the other tournament teams, the staff and volunteers who make the event possible, and the game of baseball as a whole.

Prior to their game against the Snow Canyon Little League, members of the Nolensville Little League team wore mountain region caps during their warm-ups to show their support for Easton Oliverson and the entire Utah team, and collectively signed a Southeast Region cap to give to Easton and his family.

Off the field, while waiting for several rain delays, the team went out of their way to take care of the Little League facilities and show their respect for the staff who organize the event, even to the point of removing their muddy cleats. before coming in. in the media interview room where they waited for the bad weather to pass.

Even on the weekend of the championship, with a few hours of their game, the team went to Volunteer Stadium to encourage Mason (Ohio) Youth Organization Little League and Cambrian Park Little League (San Jose, California) in the Little League 2022. Challenger Division® Exhibition Game, helping to make the experience for these teams just as special.

Nolensville Little League, formerly known as South Nashville Little League, is also home to some pretty notable alumni over the years, including 2013 Little League Baseball World Series teammates Robert Hassell III, Chris McElvain, Blake Money , Zane Denton and Conner Smith.

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About Jack Losch and the Team Sportsmanship Award

As a boy, Jack Losch was the first-team center fielder for Little League Baseball’s World Championship in 1947. As a young man, he established football marks that continue to be in the book of records today at the University of Miami where he was an All-American as a senior in 1955. A year later, he became the first Little League Baseball World Series participant to play professional sports when he was selected in the first round of the National Football League Entry Draft by the Green Bay Packers. In 2004, the Jack Losch Little League Baseball World Series Team Sportsmanship Award was established and is awarded annually to a team in the series that best exemplifies the spirit that Mr. Losch displayed both on and off the field of play.

Previous recipients
  • 2004-Kutno LL, Kutno, Poland
  • 2005-Whalley LL, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • 2006-Whalley LL, Surrey, BC, Canada
  • 2007 – Windmills Alpeldoorn (Netherlands) LL
  • 2008-Edogawa Minami LL, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2009-Hastings Community LL, Vancouver, BC
  • 2010-Edogawa Minami LL, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2011-Hamamatsu Minami LL, Hamanatsu City, Japan
  • 2012-Lugazi LL, Lugazi, Uganda
  • 2013-Perth Metro Central LL, Perth, Australia
  • 2014-Coquivacoa LL, Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • 2015-AVRS LL, Kampala, Uganda
  • 2016-Maine-Endwell LL, Endwell, NY
  • 2017-Hills LL, Sydney, Australia
  • 2018-Honolulu LL, Honolulu, Hawaii; Peachtree City LL, Peachtree City, Georgia (co-winners)
  • 2019-Cacique Mara LL, Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • 2020-No reward due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • 2021-Honolulu LL, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 2022-Nolensville LL, Nolensville, Tenn.

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