NOW Affinio will launch the Snowflake Native sequel

TORONTO, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NowVertical Group Inc. (TSX-V: NOW) (“NOW“or the”Company”), big data, analytics and vertical intelligence (“VII”) software and services company, is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive suite of consumer analytics and collaboration applications for consumers and data providers on the snowflake market.

In partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, NOW Affinio applications will be available for purchase directly from the marketplace for customers with existing Snowflake accounts. When Snowflake customers use the NOW Affinio toolset, they will be able to better leverage their existing first-party customer behavioral data (e.g. purchases, content consumption) from a new lens of affinity. This new suite will also allow data providers to collaborate through partnership assessments or their own white label SaaS offerings.

The NOW Affinio suite of augmented analytics tools is one of a group of new general-purpose applications built using Snowflake’s native application framework, currently in private preview. This framework allows developers to build applications using core Snowflake functionality, distribute them globally on the Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them to a customer’s Snowflake account.

This partnership with Snowflake will help joint customers democratize first-party insights and mobilize their data with the Snowflake Data Cloudsaid Tim Burke, President of NOW Affinio. “This means customers can now leverage more of their existing proprietary data and collaborate with partners both internally and externally for maximum benefit. All of this can be done without requiring exposure of raw records or SQL expertise.

“Snowflake’s partnership with NowVertical Group will increase collaboration for joint customers looking to turn Snowflake’s first-party data into consumer insights,said Chris Child, Senior Director, Product Management, Snowflake. “Snowflake’s integration of NOW Affinio’s graph analytics and affinity-based applications will accelerate secure data sharing and consumer analytics in the Snowflake Marketplace, driving business value in a secure and compliant way .

The NOW Affinio suite of applications is preconfigured to address multiple marketing use cases for organizations that are already leveraging Snowflake features within their technical stack. By accessing the native NOW Affinio apps, marketers can perform large-scale personalization, shopping cart analysis and next best recommendations, audience segmentation, propensity scoring , audience matching, and creating lookalike behaviors.

NOW Affinio native apps in Snowflake are a game changer,said Daren Trousdell, President and CEO of NOW. “The insights needed to drive new revenue in CPG and retail, such as market basket analysis and buyer behavior personas, can typically take weeks or months to develop using traditional methods. With native NOW Affinio apps, these kinds of insights can be dynamically run through Snowflake in seconds.

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