OCBC launches a series of training modules on sustainable development for its employees


The training modules, which aim to train subject matter experts within the Bank, will be extended to all of the Group’s 30,000 employees, including employees of its overseas operations such as Malaysia, ‘Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.

OCBC Bank has launched a series of sustainability training modules for its employees, as part of a structured approach to train more sustainability experts within the Bank.

This will be part of the second phase of the OCBC Future Smart program, launched Thursday, July 8, 2021 by the CEO of the group, Helen Wong, and announced in a press release. The training modules will be extended to all of the Group’s 30,000 employees, including employees of its overseas operations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong, with an investment of $ 30 million. Singaporean dollars over the next three years.

What employees can expect

More than 20 sustainable development training modules have been co-developed with sustainable development experts within the Bank and across the external ecosystem. The design of these modules is shaped by the Bank’s sustainability framework and the ESG factors that have been identified as important, such as carbon footprint and neutrality, sustainable financing and investment, and environmental preservation. .

The modules will cover both key concepts and practical aspects of sustainability so that employees have a more in-depth understanding of sustainability as well as how to apply it in their roles.

Examples of modules included:

  • Sustainable development, ESG and OCBC commitment
  • Sustainable finance and business ecosystems
  • Sustainable business models
  • Climate risk & banking
  • Stewardship for the future

“These modules will also equip employees with technical expertise to manage transactions related to sustainable development, design new products and innovations focused on sustainable development and enable effective engagement with customers for a transition to a more sustainable world”, noted the Bank.

In addition to the above, OCBC has also refined its Future Smart Framework in line with “persistent global trends that have a significant impact on its workforce and business”, such as:

  • Increase global connectivity by emphasizing the need for more collaboration, agility and diversity;
  • The emergence of new ecosystems leading to new business models and new strategies;
  • Harness the technology that dominates the way we work and communicate;
  • Redefining the customer experience following demographic changes;
  • Stronger competition for talent with new skills; as well as sustainability, one of the biggest challenges facing global economies.

Overall, Jason Ho, HR Manager, OCBC Bank Group, shared, “The OCBC Future Smart program was created to improve or retrain every employee to remain relevant to the future workplace.

“While technology and digital skills are the dominant skills that most employees would need in the future, other areas such as sustainability and even ‘soft’ skills such as emotional and mental well-being, collaboration, agility and critical thinking are equally important aspects in developing a well-rounded employee. “

He added: “New threats to the business are continually emerging. We believe that as long as we continue to learn, unlearn and relearn as an organization, we will be able to turn threats into opportunities.

About the OCBC Future Smart program

The updated sustainability program is part of the OCBC Future Smart program, the Bank’s strategic initiative to develop and retrain all of its 30,000 employees for the work of the future. The program was first launched in 2018 with a commitment of S $ 20 million over three years. This next phase of the OCBC Future Smart program is supported by an investment of S $ 30 million over the next three years.

Through this initiative, learning programs covering the seven pillars of Future Smart across four skill levels – Awareness Literacy, Practitioner and Mastery – have been designed to leave no employee behind as the world and the OCBC collide. transform.

Since the launch of the OCBC Future Smart program, a total of 1,900 programs have been developed and offered to group employees, with more than 178,000 programs completed. Over 23,000 employees have also reached a higher level of digital basics.

About half of OCBC Bank employees in Singapore have embarked on dedicated learning roadmaps designed by the Bank’s learning and development team in collaboration with business units. These roadmaps, the Bank said, are personalized and serve to develop the Bank’s current and future talent pool.

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