Orient Express will open a second Italian hotel in Venice

Orient Express has signed an agreement with the Italian hotel group Arsenale SpA to open a hotel at Palazzo Donà Giovannelli.

Architect and interior designer Aline Asmar from Amman and her studio Culture in architecture is to design and decorate the highly anticipated property.

An extraordinary site

A famous stop on the legendary Orient Express train, Venice is the setting for the hotel brand’s second hotel in Italy. This Orient Express hotel is expected to open in early 2024.

Upon opening, the hotel will place guests just 10 minutes from Santa Lucia train station and next to the Cannaregio shopping area. The site itself, Palazzo Donà Giovannelli, was built in 1400 by architect Filippo Calendario also known for the Doge’s Palace.

Once the hotel is open, passengers on the Orient Express La Dolce Vita train can disembark at Venice Santa Lucia station and reach the hotel by boat or on foot.

Stephen Alden, CEO Raffles and Orient Express, Accor, said: “The arrival of Orient Express in Venice resonates naturally with the brand’s history. It marks a return to the sources of a legend which finds its ultimate expression in the Palazzo Donà Giovannelli.

“Inspired by her multicultural background, her passion for Venice and her unique poetic language, Aline Asmar from Amman will sublimate the design of one of the most charismatic palaces in the world.”

Paul BarletteCEO of Arsenale SpA, added: “The strategic union between Venice and the new Orient Express hotel represents another important step in the objective that Arsenale pursues through the partnership with Orient Express, namely the revival of luxury tourism. which highlights the unprecedented artistic potential and cultural heritage of our Italian peninsula.

“Palazzo Donà Giovannelli will become a unique landmark in Venice with its exceptional design, history and heritage. The meticulous care and eclectic experience of Aline Asmar of Amman will shed new light on the ancient beauty of the Palazzo, helping to spread a message of Venice excellence around the world.

Tribute to the site’s past

The 45-key hotel will pay homage to its site and to the heritage of Venice. Each room and suite will overlook the gardens and canals and public areas will include a gourmet Italian restaurant, a hotel bar reminiscent of the former piano nobile ballroom and hidden rooftop terraces.

The ground floor consists of several salons and ballrooms with 800 years of history to tell, mixing Baroque, Neoclassical and Gothic styles with oriental inspiration. Each room is distinguished by its decor of motifs, mosaics, stuccoes, paintings and frescoes.

“Orient Express Venice embodies a unique encounter between two icons: the legendary luxury brand and Palazzo Donà Giovannelli,” said Aline Asmar from Amman.

“Architectural feat at the crossroads of cultures, a link between East and West, the flagship building is anchored in eternity and ready to be reborn with a theatrical and contemporary art of living, imbued with infinite elegance. .

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