Pools in the area are occupied after the restrictions are lifted

The atmosphere at Troy Aquatic Park was good. “Guests are very happy that the restrictions have been lifted and can enjoy the facility and all of its offerings without limitation,” said Siler.

There are also a lot of happy people at the Vandalia Town Pools in Cassel Hills and at the town’s Recreation Center, said Rich Hopkins, Vandalia’s communications manager.

“We are a little early,” he said of this summer’s figures compared to summer 2019 (the facilities were closed in 2020).

“I think part of it can be attributed to really nice weather, and part can also be the fact that we haven’t opened the pool in 2020, and the absence makes the heart more loving!” Hopkins said. “So far, we’ve had a lot of happy swimmers who are just happy to have the optional pool after the lost COVID year of 2020.”

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Vandalia swimming pools are managed by SwimSafe Pool Management. Although the bottom of the pool has been painted, no major updates have been made to the facilities this year, Hopkins said.

It was also a good June at the Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center, which missed the 2020 season due to COVID-19. The center is also managed by SwimSafe.

“Many years we have the early rush to buy seasonal passes, then June is cool and humid and daily revenue lags and then catches up in July / August. This year we had a late start to season pass sales due to the timing of the COVID restrictions being lifted, but the weather in June was more favorable for patrons visiting the pool, ”said John Green, city ​​finance director.

The Tippecanoe family aquatic center has this year a new small fountain with water jets for the little ones. The structure was designed for people too small for the main pool and is also accessible to children with disabilities, Green said. The functionality appears to be well received, although there has been some downtime to make repairs to the plumbing, he said.

Customers appear to be happy with the opening of the unrestricted aquatic center, providing a sense of normalcy, Green said. “The daily attendance figures will confirm this. I believe the Tipp City facility is well regarded in the community and provides refreshments and entertainment at the Tipp City Youth Home for the summer, ”he said.

Some pools have special days each year.

For example, Troy Aquatic Park will host the 5C Swimming League Championships on July 17th. The swimming pool will be closed until the end of the competition. The next morning of July 18, the water park will host the annual Troy Kids Triathlon.

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For Vandalia, the only big special day planned is the Soggy Doggy Day from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on September 6th.

“This event is literally the last two hours of pool operation in the year, and we allow pet owners to bring their dogs with them for a dip in the pool,” Hopkins said.

People invited to comment on the year so far at the Kroger Aquatic Center in Huber Heights have not responded.

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