Popcorn Suite investigation: Woman says she was massaged by bakery owner Wakeeta Rowe after picking up free cake

BERLIN, New Jersey (WPVI) – A woman has turned to the Action News investigative team after she says a South Jersey bakery owner harassed her over a dispute when she had attempted to pick up a cake she had won in a Facebook promotion.

Action News began investigating the Popcorn Suite in Camden County after numerous complaints flooded our investigative team’s inbox.

Customers said the owner, Wakeeta Rowe, did not deliver baked goods. Others accused the bakery of selling cakes and donuts from other local stores while claiming they were freshly baked.

Sharon Karbach said her dispute arose after she won a free cake in a Facebook contest in February to promote the new bakery.

“So I picked up the bag of popcorn and held it side to side over my face,” Sharon Karbach said, “and she actually massaged the bag of popcorn.”

Karbach said she mutually planned with Rowe to collect her cake in mid-March.

When she arrived at 100 Cross Keys Road in Berlin, she said the bakery owner told her she was not ready.

“She said I was impatient, that I was ignorant, and that I didn’t deserve the cake,” Karbach recalled. “And I said, ‘You just wasted my time. “”

An argument ensued and Karbach said that was when Rowe accused her of not leaving the store.

Karbach called 911, but said Rowe told police she was the victim.

“I started backing up towards the door…like that lady was crazy, like all that over cake?” she added.

The alleged assault is one of several complaints.

“There’s no cake we can’t make,” Wakeeta Rowe said during a 6abc interview in February.

But how much cooking Rowe actually does is in question.

The Popcorn suite was due to be highlighted in a 6abc program when the investigation team began receiving complaints.

At that time, she told an Action News producer, “We also make delicious cake donuts. The good thing about cake donuts is that they’re lighter, lower in calories than deep-fried donuts. “

But our investigation revealed that these “cake donuts” are actually made by a Long Island baker named Hannah who didn’t want her last name used.

Before the deal was finalized, Rowe allegedly took to Facebook, claiming she made the “cake donuts,” according to Hannah.

“Like don’t say you bake it at home. You can say you offer this product, but don’t say you bake it because that’s lying in my opinion,” Hannah said.

And Rowe was unable to remember the actual flavors of the donuts when our producer asked her what she claimed to do.

“I can’t remember off the top of my head… Let me look at my phone real quick,” she said.

And we found a cake advertised on Popcorn Suite’s Facebook that looks exactly like a cake on Walmart’s shelf.

Stephanie Spancake said she made the discovery.

“How much did that cake cost at Walmart?” Chad Pradelli asked.

“$12.99 and she was selling it for $50 back home,” Spancake said.

And the Oreo donuts advertised on the Popcorn Suite Facebook page appear to be from the famous Beiler’s at Reading Terminal in Philadelphia.

Our 6abc cameras captured all kinds of Beiler boxes in the Popcorn Suite.

“She came twice, three times a week sometimes,” Beiler said. “She got a bunch of donuts, pies, cakes and we loaded up her van,” owner Keith Beiler said.

Beiler said he didn’t mind if Rowe sold his product, he liked the money.

Rowe declined our request for an on-camera interview.

In a phone call, she admitted to Action News that she shopped at Beiler’s.

As for this Walmart cake, she says she buys from the same supplier as Walmart.

“If you look at her Facebook page, she clearly states over and over that these are cakes made from scratch,” Spancake said.

The New Jersey Consumer Affairs Division said it issued a cease and desist order due to the bakery’s failure to post pricing and a refund policy.

Karbach filed a subpoena in the macing incident.

A hearing is scheduled for next week.


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