Proof of vaccination required at some businesses in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario. launches a certification program


Residents of the Waterloo region will be required to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccine status to access many non-essential businesses starting Wednesday.

Premier Doug Ford said he understood some people were concerned about the new policy, but said it was a necessary step during the fourth wave of the pandemic.

“We cannot afford to close again or see another increase in cases,” he said.

He encouraged people to be patient with business owners and other frontline workers as the program takes effect.

“Law enforcement will lead to education and be reasonable for business owners,” said Ford.

He said the vaccine certificate would only be in place for as long as needed.


Businesses in the Waterloo region were busy Wednesday adjusting to new vaccine certification requirements.

Proof of full vaccination is required to dine indoors in restaurants.

“We were greeted by the host and she asked, you know, if we had our vaccination papers, what we did, and some ID,” said Gerry Kraft, who had lunch at Jack’s restaurant. Family in Waterloo Wednesday. “It was very, very fluid and we couldn’t have thought of better than that.”

Dining indoors is considered a higher risk environment, but people eating on a patio are not required to provide a vaccination certificate.

“The key is if you take off your mask, who are the restaurant’s customers, you will need to show your proof of vaccination,” said Saddy Kulafi, co-owner and chief operating officer of Jack’s Family restaurant.

Kulafi said they try to make the process as easy as possible.

“Some people forgot their proof of vaccination, but we have a QR code you can scan that takes you directly to the ministry’s website where, as long as you have your health care, you can get your proof of vaccination in just a few minutes. minutes, ”Kulafi said. .

The restaurant asks people to be understanding, especially on busy weekends.

“It will slow down the seating a bit, even for those who follow the rules,” Kulafi said. “We ask everyone to be patient and kind.”

Proof of vaccination is not required to place or collect a take-out order from a restaurant, or for patio patrons to come inside to use the bathroom.

Vaccination certificates are also not required for shopping at a mall, but are required for eating at a food court.

At Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener, food court tables are now cordoned off and monitored by security guards who are checking documentation.

The rules also apply to restaurants in shopping malls.

Those without a vaccination certificate can still order food but must eat it outside the mall.

“The health and safety of our guests, customers and employees is our primary concern,” Fairway Park Mall said in a statement.


Police Chief Bryan Larkin is asking for “patience, generosity and kindness” as the province launches its COVID-19 vaccination program.

“As this change takes effect, there will no doubt be confusion, uncertainty and frustration,” Larkin said in a letter to residents.

Larkin said the primary role of police regarding vaccination certificates is to maintain peace and security for residents of the Waterloo region.

“While we do not conduct proactive vaccination passport compliance checks, we will respond as and when required if there are incidents that include violence, threat of violence or trespassing,” he said. -he declares.


Fully immunized residents can find their immunization receipts on the province’s website. They will need to show the receipt, which can be printed or saved as a PDF on a mobile device, along with government-issued identification.

This process will remain in place until October 22, when the province’s QR code and verification app are supposed to go into effect.

Officials in the Waterloo region said residents without a printer who want a hard copy of their vaccine receipt can visit immunization clinics at The Boarwalk or Pinebush Road, or visit their local library for help.


People will need vaccination certificates to access many non-essential services in Ontario. Public health measures like masking and distancing will also remain in place.

The following are examples of when proof of vaccination is required:

  • Restaurants and bars (excluding outdoor terraces)
  • Nightclubs (including outdoor spaces)
  • Meeting and event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference / convention centers
  • Facilities used for sports and fitness activities and personal physical training, such as gymnasiums, fitness facilities and recreational facilities (except recreational sports for young people)
  • Sport events
  • Indoor spaces in water parks
  • Indoor areas of commercial film and television productions with studio audiences
  • Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments
  • Concerts, music festivals, theaters and cinemas
  • Strip clubs, public baths and sex clubs
  • Race locations

The government has said that at no time will an unvaccinated person be prevented from accessing necessary medical care, food from grocery stores, basic medical supplies or other essentials.

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