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A a new hotel is proposed for the town of Goshen, Orange County. It would be called the Golden Stay Inn and would be located at 2635 State Route 17M. The developer, Primrose Realty LLC, led by Dov Mayerovits, is also the owner. Primrose is located in Monroe, about 20 km from Goshen.

A plan submitted to Goshen for review indicates that the two-story hotel would have 30 suites with a total of 60 rooms. There would be 49 parking spaces. The building would be constructed on a site of 8.61 scres.

Elevation of the proposed Golden Stay Inn.

“The proposed project is for a typical accommodation facility that will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is aimed at those who are interested in a short vacation and need accommodation in the area,” said said Michael Morgante of Arden Consulting Engineers to the Goshen Planning Board. “There is a reception desk, storage areas for cleaning supplies, manager’s apartment, exercise room, common dining areas, activity rooms and a fire pit.”

The project requires a special use permit in addition to site plan approval. According to a traffic study, the project will generate a total of 10 new morning rush hour vehicle trips, 20 new evening rush hour trips and 24 Saturday noon rush hour trips. Existing vegetation along the Road 17M frontage should be removed to provide adequate sightlines for drivers exiting the property.

The hotel would be served by its own water well and it would also have its own sewage treatment equipment which would discharge into a stream at the rear of the property.

The plan calls for the building to be constructed away from the road, with a driveway of approximately 1,500 feet leading to the parking area.

“The project site is located at the rear of the plot with a winding driveway which will act as a traffic calming measure and help regulate and control the generation and flow of vehicular traffic to prevent hazardous conditions , traffic jams and excessive noise in the streets,” said Morgante. “The plans for the project will contain a landscaping plan. All exterior lighting, including security lighting, in connection with any buildings, signs or other uses should be directed away from adjacent streets and properties. »

The site has approximately 52 feet of frontage along Route 17M while city code requires a minimum road frontage for the neighborhood in which the property is located of 300 feet. The proponent considers this to be a pre-existing non-conforming condition and should not interfere with project approval.

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