Qualcomm Location Suite increases support for emergency services


Photo: FilippoBacci / E + / Italy

To comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) E-911 regulations, Qualcomm Technologies has enhanced its Qualcomm tracking suite to provide better horizontal and vertical positioning information. The upgrade will help first responders better determine the floor of a multi-story building from which an emergency call has been made.

The Qualcomm Tracking Suite is deeply integrated with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platforms and Snapdragon Modem-RF systems that power millions of mobile devices in the United States. The suite has supported emergency tracking services in the United States and around the world for two decades.

The change will help mobile service providers comply with new E-911 regulations requiring that the horizontal and vertical position of each wireless caller be determined with a certain level of precision.

The Qualcomm Tracking Suite uses GNSS with network-based positioning and dead reckoning to deliver precise location quickly and efficiently. GNSS assistance is provided via cellular or Wi-Fi terrestrial positioning, LTE and 5G-NR; Cellular / Wi-Fi is also provided.

When an emergency call arrives, operators rely on a combination of wireless signal triangulation and device positioning technologies, such as GPS, to provide the caller’s location. The use of technologies in Qualcomm Location Suite is designed to produce highly accurate positioning information and the ability to share this reliable information with first responders, allowing them to reach the precise emergency site more quickly.




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