Restaurants in Wichita KS failed inspections Jan 9-15, 2022

Eight businesses — including several restaurants, a truck stop and a butcher shop — failed their food safety and lodging inspections from the Kansas Department of Agriculture last week. They have been cited for offenses such as selling prepackaged foods without an ingredient label; clogged and inaccessible sinks; store raw meats above ready-to-serve meals in refrigerators where leaks could contaminate them; employees do not wash their hands or touch customers’ food without gloves; and old sauces, dip, whipped cream and salsa, a Jan. 9-15 Sedgwick County non-compliant inspection audit shows.

Information on the companies and violations, compiled on January 16, appears below along with a summary of the issues that inspectors noted in their reports. More details, including descriptions of specific violations and investigation dates, are posted on The Eagle’s searchable database of non-compliant restaurant and hotel inspections at databases.

More than 40 companies surveyed over the past few weeks have passed their inspections with few or no violations. You can see them at

Failing an inspection does not necessarily mean a business should close; it’s rare. Most violations are minor and are immediately corrected on the spot.

Businesses don’t follow state rules when they have too many violations or certain types of issues that may increase a customer’s risk of getting a foodborne illness, or when an issue can’t be resolved immediately, such as plumbing problems and pest infestations.

When a company goes bankrupt, it is usually re-inspected within 10 days.

To complain about conditions anywhere food is served or sold to the public, email [email protected] or call 785-564-6767.

Recent Non-Compliance Inspections

Barron’s Bar and Grill, 2508 S. Oliver in Wichita – Two violations for leaving bar mats in a hand washing sink, not having a probe food thermometer that reads less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Next inspection: March 14.

Firebirds wood-fired grill, 10096 E. 13th St., Ste. 118 in Wichita – Nine violations for storing raw beef on top of raw salmon in cooler, blue cheese cream sauce not cooled quickly enough, refrigerated items including cooked noodles and sauces, weren’t cold enough, tomatoes and dairy weren’t cold enough, food storage container broken, food slicers and mixer dirty, no sanitizer in dishwasher, towel dispenser broken paper did not work. Next inspection: January 22.

Flying Eagle Truck Stop, 3405 S. West St. in Wichita – Twelve violations for failing to list ingredients on prepackaged steak and cheese sandwiches, storing raw eggs on top of cooked beef in a cooler, multiple foods were within a range of temperature at risk and had to be discarded, including rice and chicken, refrigerated containers of steak and pork were not cold enough, tamales were not labeled with preparation dates, ingredients not listed on muffins, storing rice in a container that isn’t food grade, clogged mop sink, missing vent cover. Next inspection: January 24.

Jax Restaurant and Bar, 9719 E. 21st N. in Wichita – Nine offenses for cook who failed to wash hands after handling raw beef, thawed fish improperly, waiter touched lemon for customer to drink from hands naked, raw beef and pork stored on top of raw seafood in a cooler, grated cheese and sour cream kept at room temperature, old spinach dip and Marsala sauce, old salsa and whipped cream, dirty pans, kitchen sink hand washing station blocked by chair and other items, chemicals stored next to food containers and cutting boards. Next inspection: January 23.

The food and sweets of La Tlaxcaltena, 1608 E. Harry in Wichita – Six offenses for employees washing their hands at the wrong sink, storing raw bacon on top of ready-to-eat ham and cheese in a cooler, raw beef stored on tamales, and chili peppers cooked in cooler, food not labeled with prep dates, food thermometer not working, no hand drying equipment at sink. Next inspection: January 21.

Michelandia, 679 N. Eisenhower in Wichita – Four violations for storing container of raw shrimp on top of cucumbers in cooler, not keeping cooked shrimp hot enough, dishes containing raw shrimp not marked on menu with consumer advisory , having no sink for washing hands in the dishwasher and prep room. Next inspection: January 24.

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, 602 N. Tyler Rd. in Wichita – Four violations for not labeling chicken with date prepared, refried beans not hot enough, old chipotle adobo sauce, no soap at sink to wash wash your hands. Next inspection: March 10.

Yogurt meats, 6458 E. Central in Wichita — Three violations for thawing a box of Rocky Mountain oysters to room temperature, vacuum packing cheese without an approved plan, missing documents. Next inspection: January 22.

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