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The Reyad Aspen Suite, which opened in November, lives up to its name: not only is the living room located in the St. Regis, but Reyad Fritas has chosen decor for its second independent space – its first is in the hotel. Pierre de New York – more representative of a Parisian apartment than a commercial space.

“The idea was to create an environment where I could receive people comfortably, where they wouldn’t necessarily feel like they were in a living room but rather, maybe, at home,” said Fritas, originally from Paris.

Reyad Fritas’ wife and business partner Jax Williard Fritas said the couple’s New York clients who visit Aspen will feel right at home when they come in for their hair.

“Our situation in New York is similar. Our inspiration in Aspen was a Parisian apartment, so everything is white, the herringbone floors and the detail of the moldings. This represents a change from the previous interior design of the space, she continued. “The paneling they had here was all dark, so we made it white – like in New York with a mountain vibe with the furniture. It is very comfortable.

Alongside Fritas and Williard Fritas, both from New York City, Los Angeles stylists David and Taylor Pappalardo came to Aspen to help open Suite Reyad.

“The concept is that everyone feels at home and not in a rush – you can have a coffee, a cappuccino and our special French tea, Mariage Frères Marco Polo, while having your hair done,” said Fritas. “You will feel in a Parisian apartment instead of being in the living room. It is the comfort of French luxury.

It’s a philosophy and a business model that has worked so far. During his 12-year professional career, Fritas has had a client base “that ranges from podiums to boardrooms,” according to the Suite Reyad website.

Aspen made sense as a second location, Williard Fritas explained. She and her husband had heard their clients tell stories of people hopping on a jet to find a lounge on their travels.

“A lot of our New York clientele come here to hang out,” she said. “And we had never been here, but there was a lot of interest – and a lot of them said there were few places to get our hair done here. They would go back to Palm Beach, New York, LA to get their hair done, then they would come back the same day.

Williard Fritas came to Aspen in February “with a small team” to assess its viability with a pop-up operation in the St. Regis.

“I connected with the hotel, and it was amazing. [The pop-up was] super successful; everyone was so wonderful and so fun, ”she recalls. “After February, we decided to do July to check out the summer. And it was once again a great success.

When the opportunity arose to sign a five-year lease with the St. Regis, Willard Fritas said colorists and stylists didn’t hesitate.

“It was so much fun creating Suite Reyad Aspen, and we’re thrilled to welcome the Aspen community,” read an article on the company’s Facebook page. “After the hair is on.”

One must reserve – [email protected] – and room or home calls are available on request.

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