Seattle hotels have been booked as residents try to stay cool in record heat

SEATTLE – Seattle residents who desperately need a respite from the heat are looking for an unexpected source of comfort: hotels.

Fully air-conditioned and often with a pool, several Seattle-area hoteliers have said they are full for the next few days as the Pacific Northwest experiences record heat.

With many homes in the Puget Sound area not equipped with air conditioning and many portable air conditioners out of stock, residents are scrambling to stay cool in hotels.

“Because you can’t really open the windows or anything when it’s hotter outside. So you’re stuck with what you’ve got,” Lake City’s Mikyla Cardwell said.

Cardwell said his house did not have air conditioning. She and her mother lucked out with a room at the Holiday Inn to cool off.

“I prefer to sleep with an air conditioner rather than fans circulating hot air,” Cardwell said.

Ron Oh, general manager of the Holiday Inn Express in North Seattle, said his rooms were all sold out for the weekend, which he said has not happened in the past two years due to the COVID crisis.

“It’s been a blessing,” Oh said.

A Seattle room search Saturday through Monday displays a long list of full hotels through Monday.

Oh said customers kept calling to ask for availability.

“It usually comes down to ‘oh my god it’s so hot I need a place with air conditioning’,” Oh said.

Oh, who is also chairman of the Washington Hospitality Association board, said the extra business has been a boon for hoteliers who need the extra income. He added that now is the perfect time for guests who are willing to deposit cash to stay comfortable.

“This is actually the best time to come and enjoy hotels in Seattle because with tourism down, the rates have actually been much lower,” Oh said.

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