Seven travel apps to make your vacation easier in 2021

The holiday season is upon us.

With 59% of Americans now fully vaccinated, experts predict Thanksgiving will lead to the biggest increase in travel expected since the start of the pandemic. More than 53 million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving weekend. In Los Angeles, two million are expected to pass through LAX.

For those trying to make last-minute travel plans (and assuming you’re vaccinated), here are a few apps and services, many of which are based in Los Angeles, that can help.

For the spontaneous traveler


Evade: Available in the Apple App Store

Elude is for thrill-seeking travelers looking to save. After entering information such as budget, schedule and travel preferences, you will be given a number of flight and accommodation options around the world. (If you need a specific location for the holidays, this probably isn’t the app for you.)

LA-based Elude has proven popular with Gen Z users, many of whom are starting to plan for the New Years. “We’ve seen a lot of people start booking for January, February,” the co- founder Frankie Scerbo.

Welcome: Available in the Apple App Store

Whether you’re traveling out of town or staying in a nearby town, Welcome has 6.5 million listings that include maps of museums and other nearby events. The Los Angeles-based app also includes user-generated blogs and photos, news articles, and relevant travel and dining stories.

For the budget-conscious traveler

Hopper: Available in the Apple app and Google Play Store

Having trouble knowing when is the best time to book a flight? Hopper, headquartered in Canada, predicts flight prices and will advise you on the right time to book for the best savings. The app also offers a color-coded calendar that helps travelers spot the cheapest days to travel.

For accommodation

How Jurny Hopes to Make Hotel Booking and Check-in an ‘Uber-Like’ Experience

Jury: Available in the Apple App Store

The app offers contactless check-ins at 600 hotels and short-term rental units, including the Blue Moon Hotel in New York City and Casa De La O in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Jurny, headquartered in Los Angeles, allows travelers to check in and unlock their door from the app and can even adjust their room temperature. It has a strong presence in Miami, Nashville, Tel Aviv, New York, London and Central America.

If Jurny isn’t quite working, there’s still the old app on standby: Airbnb.

Hotel tonight: Available in the Apple app and Google Play Store

SF-based HotelTonight allows the user to book stays the same evening and up to seven days in advance. Hotel rooms are categorized into Basic, Luxurious, Charming and Upscale. HotelTonight also rewards its users whenever they hit a specific spending threshold that will give them access to perks like free in-app concierge, credits, or cheaper rates.

For anyone looking to improve airports better

My TSA: Available in the Apple app and Google Play Store

Everyone dreads long lines at the airport, especially at the TSA. MyTSA allows travelers to check how busy the airport is likely to be on the specific day and time of your trip based on historical data. This app will also allow you to check waiting times at security checkpoints at major airports.

Headspace hooks ex Hulu Exec as he prepares new Netflix series Sleep

Free space: Available in the Apple app and Google Play Store

The Los Angeles-based meditation app offers its users audio guided meditation and claims it can reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days. There are currently over 70 million members and 600,000 reviews. Headspace also offers classes for people with different lifestyles whether you are a runner, student or child, they have a meditation option for you.

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